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The Kiffness is Married to Wife: Jute Scott. Kids

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Image of The Kiffness with his wife, Jute Scott

David Scott, prominently known as The Kiffness, is a producer, artist, and musician. He established his band, The Kiffness, but nicknamed his band himself.

Aside from being a musician by profession, he is also known for making parody music. One of the famous beats of the artist was random human and animal sounds.

On the 11th of February 1998, the producer was born in Cape Town, South Africa. He has been honing his skills in music since he was still a child, especially piano and trumpets.

The musician did not go far away from his hometown when he studied primary and secondary. According to reports, he used to study medicine but dropped out due to interest conflict.

He found his passion in music and philosophy, enrolling at Rhodes University. To make ends meet, he used to DL and play in jazz bands.

Are you curious about The Kiffness’ wife? Continue reading this article to know more about The Kiffness and his kids.          

The Kiffness is Married to Jute Scott           


David Scott is married to his wife named Jute Scott. The Kiffness’ wife is also fond of music.

When the pandemic started, they produced the Irish Blessing. The song went viral on social media.

The song they wrote and produced was dedicated to the front-liners who braved their way through the pandemic. It can be inferred that they have massive respect for those who risked their lives to save others.

The Kiffness’ Kids           


David Scott and his wife, Jute, currently have one child. Their first baby was born on the 8th of January, 2022.

Before coming into this world, he had already made his child a special something. When he heard his child’s heartbeat, he, and his wife, made music out of it.

It is true that the heartbeat of the person you love is the most beautiful music in this world. Hence, falling in love with their baby even if it is not yet born at that moment.

The producer said that the heartbeat of their child is like a techno-tune. The Kiffness’ wife also expressed her anticipation for their first child.

The small family of The Kiffness would indeed be full of love, and fun gave the artist’s personality. They posted their song about their child is posted on their YouTube account.

The enthusiastic parents named their son Sam Scott. According to The Kiffness’ post, it was his wildest and proudest moment as a human.

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