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Tess Sanchez Bio: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Max Greenfield Wife

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Beautiful wife of Max Greenfield, Tess Sanchez

As good as a script should be, any tv show must have talented and well-suited recruits in their cast. One of the successful casting directors who cast the right people is Tess Sanchez. Apart from being successful in her career, Tess also gained fame thanks to her marriage with the main actor of New Girl, Max Greenfield.

Though most fans already know a lot about Max, very few are correctly aware of Tess. Even those that do may not know everything about this former casting director of Fox.

Hence, below are the seven things you may not have heard about Tess Sanchez.

Age & DOB

Tess Sanchez is still in her 30s as her date of birth falls on September 4, 1984. This 36-year-old casting director, born in Los Angeles, California, will soon turn 37 in September 2021.

Education and Early life

Tess is descended from Mexican heritage and belongs to the Latino group. However, Tess carries an American nationality as she was born in the United States. The details of whom Tess spent her childhood with are still a mystery. Moreover, Tess’s parents raised her as a Christian.

Nonetheless, Tess had the privilege to study in some of the best institutions in the world. After completing her primary education from a local school, Tess joined Woodbury University, a private university in South California. Tess gained a bachelor of science degree in Business in her educational credentials, including Marketing, Management, and support services.

Career Details

Tess, the business graduate, seemed to love casting from a young age and is often seen roaming around small and large crews of TV and movies. Her first work began with The WB Television Network as the company’s Vice President of Casting from 2000 to 2007.

Later, Tess worked as Casting Consultant at Consultant Independent Casting Director in 2009 until she got a call from Fox Entertainment. Eventually, Tess was promoted to Executive Vice President of Casting at Fox Entertainment in 2009.

However, it came to news that the 36-year-old casting woman had parted ways with the company. The decision to let her go came from the Fox executives who were reorganizing their staff members. Regardless, during Tess’s career, she cast numerous episodes of series and movies, including Melrose Place, 10 Things I Hate About You, Kath & Kim, Do Not Disturb, Man Stroke Woman, and Revenge.

Tess Sanchez Net Worth

Married to a man worth $3 million, Tess has been relentlessly competing with her husband in terms of wealth. As of 2021, reports are claiming that the 36-year-old has made roughly $800k of fortune. To everyone unfamiliar with Tess’s profession, she is a talent hunter, nurturer, and casting director since 2000. Nearly 21 years of service in the talent recruiting sector has brought Tess success and wealth.

Married Life as Max Greenfield’s Wife

Tess is lucky to have a beloved celebrity as her husband. There is rarely anyone who watches Max Greenfield on the screen and not like him. The Winston Schmidt of New Girl is an Emmy winner, thanks to his outstanding performances.

Both Tess and Max belong to the entertainment industry. However, one appears on the scene, whereas another works behind the scenes.

Tess and her celebrity husband, Max Greenfield, met each other during an event and became friends. It did not take long for Tess and Max to wed as they did so in 2008. Since then, the movie actor and casting director have had a tightly knit relationship.

While speaking to multiple sources, Max revealed that Tess is the boss of his house. Moreover, Tess keeps her husband grounded most often. No matter what, it is clear that despite being a celebrity couple, their love for one another is still intact and shows no signs of splitting.

Tess Sanchez with her husband Max Greenfield
Max Greenfield with his beautiful wife, Tess-Sanchez.

Mother of Two Amazing Kids

In her 13-year-long married life, Tess managed to have two children, the eldest child, Lilly, and the youngest one named Ozzie. The daughter and son have made their parents’ life busier.

Just two years after Tess’s marriage to Max, she conceived Lilly, who happens to be 11 years of age as of 2021. Like her mother, Lilly is also the second boss in her house who does not take her studded father as a big deal. Despite having her mother’s qualities, Lilly shares quite a lot of facial resemblances of his father.

Moreover, Lilly seems to be following her parents’ profession as the 11-year-old recently starred as Mary Poppins as well as Pharaoh in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in a local production house for kids.

Similarly, Tess’s son, Ozzie James Greenfield, is soon turning six in late 2021. It looked as if Ozzie would never be born, and Lilly would never have a brother if it weren’t for the actress, Busy Philipps. Tess’s husband revealed while attending Phillips’s show that she was the one who tricked Max into conceiving a second child.

Both Tess and her husband have been actively homeschooling their little ones since the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Tess Sanchez and Max Greenfield kids
Tess Sanchez and Max Greenfield kids, Lilly Greenfield and Ozzie James Greenfield.

Social Media Presence

Tess Sanchez casually makes an appearance on social media though she may not be a massive fan. On Twitter, one can find Tess with the username @Tesssanch. However, it seems that Tess has not tweeted anything since January 2020, with the last post she shared with her 3k followers was a picture of her and her friend Anya Colloff.

However, Tess is vocal on Instagram with the username @tesssanchezgreenfield. More often than not, Tess shares pictures of herself and Tess’s family on Instagram. Currently, Tess has nearly 44k followers.

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