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Terrence Ross is Married to Wife: Matijana Ross. Kids

Image of Terrence Ross with his wife, Matijana Ross, and their kids

Terrence James Elijah Ross is a basketball player by profession from the United States of America. He is a team member of the Orlando Magic under the National Basketball Association.

His expertise in basketball started when he was still a child and made it through college as an athlete for Washington Huskies. He has brought a lot of honors to his previous schools which is why he is highly regarded.

The prominence of the basketball player is making people wonder if there is already a certain Terrence Ross’ wife who captured his heart. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about him.

Terrence Ross is Married to his Wife: Matijana Ross


As a prominent basketball player, questions with regards to Terrence Ross and his wife are frequently asked of him during his post-game interviews. He does not shy away from the fact that he is already committed to a marital relationship.

The lady who holds the title of Terrence Ross’ wife is identified to be under the name of Matijana Ross. Their marriage was reported to occur on the 4th of June in the year 2011.

Details with regard to their first encounter were not published for the public’s knowledge. However, their relationship remained lowkey which is why the basketball player found the chance to commit infidelity.

Terrence Ross’ wife refused to live in the limelight to avoid such controversies. She only came into the picture when news about Terrence’s relationship with another woman surfaced.

It is not known whether they broke up during his partnership with the third party, but they surely did not file for a divorce. The couple has managed to keep their mouth shut regarding the controversy.

The basketball star and his wife managed to take down the rumors by posting pictures of them together with their children. It seemed like the athlete was forgiven for what was allegedly cheating.

Terrence Ross’ Past Relationships

He has been linked to a supermodel named Amber Rose in 2016. They have been spotted publicly a number of times which stirred the controversy.

Ross and Rose reportedly broke up the month after being seen going out. Furthermore, the supermodel deleted pictures of her and the player from her personal Instagram account.

It was assumed that Amber discovered that there is already a lady who holds the title of Terrence Ross’ wife. Their short-lived relationship surely gained a lot of traction, especially among basketball enthusiasts.

Terrence Ross’ Kids


The couple are the proudest when it comes to their kids. Terrence Ross’ wife birthed to two wonderful children.

Their firstborn is named Tristan Ross. He was born on the 9th day of December in 2014.

Furthermore, an additional member of the family entered the picture in May of 2018. It was a baby girl whose information was not disclosed.

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