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Terrence Mayrose Married to Wife: Nikki Ruane. Kids.

Image of Terrence Mayrose and his wife Nikki Ruane

The 6-footer football player from Nichols College Athletics, Terrence Mayrose weighing 175 pounds, is responsible for the position as a defensive back. Mayrose started his playing career for Nichols College in the year 2006.

He entered and played as a defensive back during his sophomore year. In the following years, from 2007 until 2008, he took the same responsibility as a defensive back until his junior years.

Terrence was positioned as a free safety, not too far from being a defensive quarterback during his senior years. In their Saturday Game on the 8th of November 2008, Mayrose and his nine co-seniors linebackers Harris, Tom Mulligan, and Erik Valentine.

Strong safety David McLean, defensive back Brain Dardy, wide receiver Jon Snediker, and running back Jay Pino. Fullback Jim Fritz and offensive lineman were all honored in their game as it marked the final in their careers in non-professional football. 

Aside from his hometown, Staten Island, a borough in the southernmost part of New York City is also known for being the top 2 among the five wealthiest boroughs of New York. Mayrose’s previous high school was Xaverian High School, a known private co-ed catholic school in Bay Ridge in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

There is no information about the player’s personal life, like his birthday or the course he has taken for college. Is Terrence Mayrose Married? Learn more about his personal life, past relationships, and dating rumors in the article below.

Terrence Mayrose has been Married to his Wife, Nikki Ruane, since 2018

Image of Terrence Mayrose in black suit

Knowing that Terrence Mayrose keeps his private life, it will be no wonder if even his marriage life will be kept confidential. But according to a post from Nichols College Alumni Magazine Spring 2017, they featured the batch 2009 and announced there that he and Terrence Mayrose’s wife were engaged in May.  

In 2018 the couple, Terrence Mayrose’s wife and he, registered for their wedding on the 9th of June. The following five days, on June 14, their official photographer, C&C Productions, posted some shots of their celebration on their Facebook account. 

Terrence Mayrose may be a public sports personality, and enthusiastic fans can never restrain their curiosity about the athlete’s life, even his relationship status. Even during interviews, he tends to avoid personal questions, especially about his personal life and relationships.

Other details about the wedding ceremony are not yet disclosed to the public. Once the couple shares more content about their lovely marriage and the romance of Terrence Mayrose’s wife and he is publicized, we will update this article. 

Nikki Ruane’s Biography

Considering the fact that Terrence Mayrose wants his personal life to be private, information about his wife is challenging to find. Aside from the name of Terrence Mayrose’s wife, Nikki Ruane, and what she looks like, information about her is yet to be public.

Although both couples can be searched on Facebook, we cannot confirm if it is their real account. We all have to wait for their new activities, and we will keep updating this article about them.  

Terrence Mayrose’s Kids

Both Nikki Ruane and Terrence Mayrose have not yet disclosed anything about their plans to have children. Maybe in the future, when they finally decide to have a child, we can have an update for this article.

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