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Tedy Bruschi is Married to Wife: Heidi Bomberger Bruschi. Kids.

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Image of Tedy Bruschi with his wife, Heidi Bomberger Bruschi, and their kids

One of the key players in the New England Patriot’s success is their star linebacker, Tedy Bruschi. Tedy is a perennial star that played in the National Football League.

His professional career started when he got drafted by the New England Patriots in the 1996 NFL Draft. With the team, he won three Super Bowls in 2001, 2003, and 2004.

His contribution to the team cannot be understated because he was a crucial piece in their path to victory. With a career average of 30.5 sacks, he was selected twice for the NFL All-Pro.

With the busy career of the football player, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Tedy Bruschi’s wife.

Tedy Bruschi is Married to Wife: Heidi Bomberger Bruschi

Image of Tedy Bruschi with his wife, Heidi Bomberger Bruschi

Tedy Bruschi with his wife, Heidi Bomberger Bruschi

The NFL record holder for consecutive interceptions for touchdowns with four is Tedy Bruschi. With his greatness in the defensive end, is he also great with his love life?

Tedy Bruschi’s marital status is currently married. He is in a union with Heidi Bomberger Bruschi.

Their love for each other started during their college days. According to reports, the married couple started dating when they were still studying at the University of Arizona.

Then after they knew everything about one another, the star linebacker asked for Heidi’s hand for marriage. The two exchanged vows on the 27th of June in the year 1997.

Their marriage was going smoothly until the retired football star suffered a life-threatening stroke. Fortunately for the couple, Tedy recovered after a series of treatments.

Now, the couple lives happily with their sons in their home in Arizona.

Who is Heidi Bomberger Bruschi?

Born in the year 1972, Heidi Bomberger Bruschi is Tedy Bruschi’s wife. She is an American woman who is a Nebraska native.

As his husband, Heidi is an athletic person as well. Tedy Bruschi’s wife was previously a Softball player.

But her excellence with sports does not stop there. Tedy Bruschi’s wife was also a volleyball player and managed to play for the Team USA Women’s National Volleyball Team.

Besides this, she is also a coach for the Bishop Feehan High School Volleyball team, where she was the assistant coach for five years.

Tedy Bruschi’s Kids

Image of Tedy Bruschi with his kids

Tedy Bruschi with his kids

As stroke hit the retired football player in 2015, his family helped him recover. His wife and kids were at his side every step of the way during his recovery.

Tedy and Heidi’s family consists of five members. Their three kids are all boys who are very much like their dad.

Their firstborn was named Tedy Bruschi Jr. Junior is named after his father and also aspires to be like him, a professional football player.

Their second son is Rex Bruschi. And right after him came their third and youngest kid, Dante Bruschi.

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