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Taylor Lewan is Married to Wife: Taylin Lewan. Kids: Wynne, Willow

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Image of Taylor Lewan with his wife, Taylin Lewan

Taylor Curtis Lewan, known professionally as Taylor Lewan, is an American professional football player better known as a tack for the National Football League (NFL) Tennessee-based team, Tennessee Titans. He has been on the football team since his debut in 2014, where he was the first round’s eleventh overall pick.

He was named the Pro Bowls for three consecutive years, from 2016 to 2018. Read further in this article about the life of Taylor Lewan’s wife and her marriage with the American Tennessee Titan’s football tackle.

Meet and know more about his dating history and their kids!

Taylor and Taylin Lewan’s marriage

Image of Taylor Lewan with his wife, Taylin Lewan
Taylor Lewan with his wife, Taylin Lewan

The professional football player is already married to his long-time girlfriend, Taylin Lewan. As per reliable sources, they were first seen together and started to date in 2016.

During an interview he made in 2017, he had unfolded about how she was a significant part of the massive optimistic change in his life. She has been an evident influence on her husband.

They shocked their supporters when they were reported to have married in a wedding ceremony in Big Sur, California, via a Twitter post by the account of his football team in July of 2018. It was a surprise to many as they have not announced anything about their wedding details ever since they got engaged the same year they had dated.

Their union was styled and designed by the events planner Jessica Sloane, and in her website’s photographs from the couple’s wedding, it is confirmed that they got married on the 7th day of July 2018. They had many guests comprising their family and friends, including his teammates, Will Compton, Marcus Mariota, and Michael Campanaro.

According to an Instagram post by Taylor Lewan’s wife, they had a previous wedding before the enormous ceremony they had in California. They wedded each other on the 21st day of April 2016 by a priest they had hired twenty-four hours in advance, six years ago, after only two months of dating.

Together with their two children, they have been residing in Nashville, Tennessee, as it is where his work is located. Neither issues about separation nor cheating have surfaced regarding their relationship since it was made public.

Taylor Lewan’s Biography

Taylor Lewan’s wife was born Taylin Gallacher on the 22nd day of June, year unrevealed, in Kelowna, British Columbia, to her father Chuck Gallacher and her mother; her identity is yet to be disclosed. She has two younger brothers, but only her brother, Connor, has been introduced.

Despite being born in the Canadian province, she is presently an American citizen. Apart from being Taylor Lewan’s wife, most of her information is scarce, so her exact birth date, age, and education have not been shared publicly.

When she moved to the United States, she used to model for different fashion photographers, including Michael Gomez and Angela. At present, she seems to be enjoying the hard work of being a wife and a mother of two.

Taylor Lewan does not have a profile available on Wikipedia, though we will revise this article’s details as soon as one is made.

Taylor Lewan’s Previous Relationships

Previously, he dated his ex-girlfriend, Reagan Agee, back in 2015. However, their romance was short-lived when they broke up the same year.

Taylor Lewan’s Kids

Image of Taylor Lewan with his kids, Wynne Rebel and Willow Lewan
Taylor Lewan with his kids, Wynne Rebel and Willow Lewan

Taylor Lewan’s wife had given birth to both of his children during their relationship. Together, they have two beautiful daughters, namely Wynne and Willow.

  1. Wynne Rebel Lewan

After a year of their first marriage, they welcomed their oldest child. She first announced her pregnancy in an Instagram post dating back to February 2017.

She was born on the 6th day of July 2016, and Taylin took Wynne Rebel’s first name from her maternal grandfather, Wynn. She is five years old.

  1. Willow Lewan

Like her older sister, she was born in July. The youngest Lewan was born on the 26th day of July 2020, and she is only a year old.

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