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Is Takeshi Kaneshiro Married to Wife? Is he dating a girlfriend?

Image of Takeshi Kaneshiro

If you have listened to the song “Love me Once Again” in the 90s, you probably know Takeshi Kaneshiro. He is a singer who gained prominence after launching a hit single in 1992.

Born on the 11th of October in 1973, Takeshi grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. After his youth, he learned that he had a great skill in singing and decided to pursue it.

In 1992, he debuted his singing career after the release of his first album Heartbreaking Night. Because of his flexibility with Japanese and Mandarin, he gained fame in both countries, which enabled him to be a star.

Eventually, the singer turned into an actor. In 1993, he was cast for the movie Executioners.

And after that, he was part of the world-renowned comedy-drama movie Chungking Express. Today, Takeshi is considered one of the legends of Taiwan’s acting industry for his significant roles in major films.

Do you want to know more about his love life?

Learn more about the information of the Taiwanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro and his wife, married life, and kids.

Is Takeshi Kaneshiro Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Takeshi Kaneshiro

Takeshi Kaneshiro is a known Japanese-Taiwanese actor and singer.

The Taiwanese star has made many fans flutter because of his heartwarming acting skills. Being a teen pop idol also contributed to his unique status with the fans.

But ever since, he has matured and steered away fans from his personal life. This is why his avid supporters would like to know about the presence of Takeshi Kaneshiro’s wife.

Based on numerous reports, the actor is currently without a partner. This contradicts a rumour that spread about an appearance of a mysterious partner.

Because of this, some fans assume he is already in a secret relationship. Although this might not be surprising for many people, especially his fans, it still is not usual for the actor because of how secretive his personality is.

There are no official confirmations from the actor, and we can only speculate about his romantic endeavours.

Takeshi Kaneshiro’s Dating Rumors

Because of his line of work, it is inevitable for him to have dating conspiracies. In the past, some say that the actor has been seeing an unnamed woman.

Others also ask if she is Takeshi Kaneshiro’s wife. In 2011, rumours about his dating life were exposed after being spotted by fans with a beautiful woman.

It was said that the two came out from staying in a Taipei hotel. After a few moments, the woman was spotted again after buying food at a local shop.

During that time, fans of Kaneshiro are very active despite the actor not having any latest project. Some critics have noted that this might only be a stunt played by Takeshi to boost his popularity again.

This series of appearances never occurred again after the media’s coverage. Since then, fans have grown more anxious about the identity of Takeshi Kaneshiro’s wife.

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