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Is T. Geronimo Johnson Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of T. Geronimo Johnson

T. Geronimo Johnson is an award-winning American novelist. He gained prominence after being the recipient of the Simpson Family Literary Prize.

He received a total of fifty thousand dollars for the award and was given the honor of being one of the best novelists of the time. The author has written different novels in his career.

One of his best-selling titles was the highly rated Hold It Til It Hurts. In 2015, he was honored as one of the National Book awardees for his novel Welcome To Braggsville.

Are you curious about the author’s life? Keep reading this article to know more about T. Geronimo Johnson’s wife.

Is T. Geronimo Johnson Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

The award-winning novelist has made headlines because of his excellence in writing literary pieces. In complement to this, he gained a lot of followers who were eager to know about Johnson’s personal life.

Based on reports, there were no incidents about T. Geronimo Johnson being married. We can infer that he is still single to this day.

But in the past, some rumors say that there was someone who was T. Geronimo Johnson’s wife.

T. Geronimo Johnson’s Past Relationships 

Image of T. Geronimo Johnson
T. Geronimo Johnson is a known novelist. Poet and filmmaker.

Although the prominent novelist has been excellent at hiding his personal information, there were some rumors that spread about him and his sexuality. In 2018, questions about the author’s sexuality emerged.

Because of his appearance and stature, some said that he is part of the LGBT community and identifies as a gay person. This was never confirmed by the novelist, and it goes against the news about his past relationship.

According to records, the author has had one serious relationship in the past and was said to be T. Geronimo Johnson’s wife. Unfortunately, it is unclear how the two got together because details about them are kept hidden.

T. Geronimo Johnson’s Kids

After writing novels that would inspire young writers and different generations, Johnson decided to build his own family. There were rumors that said that the author and novelist had a family of his own.

Based on the rumors, the filmmaker has a child, and it implies the existence of T. Geronimo Johnson’s wife. He has a son and was born in the writer’s hometown, New Orleans.

But the rumors were never confirmed by the author. For now, we can only speculate about his kids and family because there are no concrete reports about them.

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