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Susur Lee is Married to Wife: Brenda Bent. Kids.

Image of Susur Lee with his wife, Brenda Bent

Having a career in cooking and being one of the best in the world is something that Susur Lee achieved in his lifetime. He is a chef from Canada with a Chinese heritage.

The celebrity chef has won a lot of awards throughout his career. His honors include the CAA Five Diamond Award and the prestigious Ten Chefs of the Millennium.

With the busy career of the chef, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Susur Lee’s wife.

Susur Lee is Married to his Wife: Brenda Bent

Image of Susur Lee with his wife, Brenda Bent
Susur Lee with his wife, Brenda Bent

The celebrity chef has been married twice. His first marriage was to Mary-Lou Covey.

The relationship ended horribly as the woman was involved in a fatal accident where the aircraft she was aboard was shot down by a Soviet fighter jet. The terrible incident happened in 1983.

After that, Lee decided to find love again. He is currently married to Brenda Bent.

The couple reportedly met while working together in the Peter Pan. Ms. Bent was a waitress, and Susur was hired as a chef.

After years of dating, the couple decided to make it official as husband and wife in 1991.

Who is Brenda Bent?

They say that good food translates to good love life. This is true with the chef because he found a beautiful another half with Brenda Bent.

Brenda is Susur Lee’s wife. She previously worked as a waitress before being the partner of the chef.

Susur Lee’s wife also made appearances in different tv shows. In 2001, she appeared in Opening Soon, a show about new business owners opening their resto.

In 2005, Brenda made an appearance in Restaurant Makeover. Right now, she helps manage their restaurants and business alongside her husband and kids.

Susur Lee’s Kids

Image of Susur Lee with his wife, Brenda Bent, and their kids
Susur Lee with his wife, Brenda Bent, and their kids

The star chef is a father of three boys. Their firstborn was welcomed to this world on the 15th of November in 1989. 

The oldest kid has been on a great road to success in recent years. With the guidance of Susur Lee’s wife, Levi was the best tennis athlete under 18 in the city of Ontario, Canada.

Now, he is a full-grown adult. With a following of more than one hundred twenty-nine thousand on Instagram, he is an online model and business owner with his clothing line Trinity Label.

After Levi is the second son named Kai Lee, Kai follows the footsteps of his father in the restaurant business.

He is currently helping him open up other restaurants across the country. Kai documents his daily life in his travel vlogs.

The third son of the couple is named Jet Bent Lee. Born on the 31st of January in the year 1998, he is more of the laid-back type compared to his brothers.

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