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Stu Feiner is Married to Wife: Sandra M. Feiner

Stu Feiner is an American personality known for his accurate predictions in betting in sports. He is titled “The Source” because of his excellence in handicapping and veteran expertise in the industry.

Many people also refer to him as an innovator and one of the first to ever make waves in the sports handicapping business in the 1980s. His greatness even earned him the reference to one of Al Pacino’s movies entitled “Two For the Money.”

Now, he often appears in Barstool Sports and gives his analysis and predictions in the game.

Check this out! Learn more about the information of the betting expert, Stu Feiner and his wife, married life, and kids.

Stu Feiner has been Married to his Wife, Sandra M. Feiner, since 1988

Image of Stu Feiner with his wife, Sandra M. Feiner
Stu Feiner with his wife, Sandra M. Feiner

The loud-mouthed man may appear wild and uncontrolled at times. But his attitude is what made him gain a lot of fans throughout the years.

The handicapper’s avid supporters are curious about his relationship status. They also would want to know who Stu Feiner’s wife is?

The sports advisor is married to a longtime partner in crime, Sandra M. Feiner. Their marriage dates back to the 12th day of March 1988.

The married couple is still going strong after more than three decades together. Just recently, the handicapper tweeted about their routine in the morning.

Stu Feiner’s Past Relationships

There is no doubt that the betting expert became remarkable for having the wit and the knowledge to predict tons of bets in the world of sports correctly. His skill may have also been helpful when it came to foreseeing the love of his life, which would stay by his side for many years to come.

With three decades of a beautiful relationship, the possibility of him having other partners before meeting Sandra is relatively low. There are also no other reports that would heavily support the statement.

Sandra M. Feiner’s Biography

With a whopping sixteen-million-dollar net worth, fans are curious how the betting genius spends his money. According to sources, the millionaire shares his wealth with his other half.

Stu Feiner’s wife or “other half” is Sandra M. Feiner. It is said that the lovely woman was there with the bettor since day one.

She witnessed firsthand the rags to riches story of Stu. Stu Feiner’s wife is a humble woman.

She does not brag about their wealth and often prefers being left alone. Stu Feiner’s wife spends most of her time with their kids.

The sixty-year-old woman also likes living a lowkey life, opposite to what her partner portrays in the media.

Stu Feiner’s Kids 

A thirty-three-year marriage is bound to face ups and downs throughout their time together. But according to the couple, their best experience is raising their kids.

The family is composed of six members. Four of them are children.

The Feiner household is run by the parents and their four sons. Although Stuart is one of the most prominent faces in handicapping industry, his family’s details are kept hidden.

But we can confirm that his kids live with him on their property in New York City.

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