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Steven Suptic is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Alyssa Terry.

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Image of Steven Suptic with his girlfriend, Alyssa Terry

Steven Suptic is an American YouTuber who created the popular mockumentary web series, Alternative Lifestyle. He posted it on his personal YouTube channel after his previous work in SourceFed was canceled in March 2017.

Afterward, he co-founded the American comedy troupe and production company Sugar Pine 7 (SP7), where they continued the series until its cancellation in 2019. Sugar Pine 7 has over 1 million subscribers.

Despite the discontinuation, they still maintained their weekly podcast, Beyond the Pine, but he has since left the podcast in 2021. Stay updated about the relationship of American personality Steven Suptic with his dating history, the current relationship with his girlfriend, Alyssa Terry, and their lives.

Could she be Steven Suptic’s wife in the future? Keep reading!

Steven Suptic and Alyssa Terry’s relationship

Image of Steven Suptic with his girlfriend, Alyssa Terry
Steven Suptic with his girlfriend, Alyssa Terry

The American internet personality is off the market as he is not only dating a girlfriend but is presently engaged to his fiancée,  Alyssa Terry. Many, especially his fans, have known his dating status since he has been proudly including her in his work.

Alyssa regularly appeared in Sugar Pine 7’s videos when her boyfriend was still in the web series. In addition, she was included and was seen as the first posted video on his channel.

The couple started dating each other in 2015. According to sources, they had met one another at the beginning of 2015.

She was with the content creator during the start of his personal YouTube career before he had risen to popularity. The two instantly clicked as they both had the same quality of taking an interest in social media and the entertainment industry.

They were exclusively dating for two years before he decided to pop the long-awaited question on the 17th day of July 2017 during a trip they went to Iceland; she clearly said yes as they are engaged at the moment. They live together in a house in Los Angeles, California, where he considers it “actually a steal compared to most rentals in LA” and live with their two dogs, Littlefoot and Winnie.

We are yet to hear news about them getting married and her becoming Steven Suptic’s wife.

Alyssa Terry’s Biography

His present partner was born Alyssa Louis Terry on the 27th day of July 1993 in Ventura, California, to her parents, Edgar Allen and Martha Terry; she is presently 28 years old. She grew up with William Terry, her older brother.

Steven Suptic’s wife in the future and her family owns the strawberry farm, Terry Berries, located in her hometown, and their business began as an offshoot of Terry Farms, Inc. in 2003. Their family’s farming in Ventura County had roots over 125 years ago when it was started by her paternal great-great-grandfather, Joe Terry, after he left Portugal to farm in 1890.

She studied college at the University of California, Los Angeles but apart from that, it is unrevealed where she took her early education and what degree she took in college. At present, she is an actress known for Sugar Pine 7 (2016), Hand Job (2017), and Lifestyle Classic (2018).

Moreover, she is known for her work as one of the hosts of the paranormal investigation podcast, Let’s Get Haunted, alongside her co-host and best friend, Natalia Strawn, since it aired in February of 2019. Their podcast episodes have been thoroughly researched, produced, interviewed, and edited by them both alternately.

Alyssa Terry does not have a profile on Wikipedia available as of the moment, though once one is produced, we will update this article’s data at once.

Steven Suptic’s Dating History

Before meeting his soon-to-be wife, he formerly dated his fellow YouTuber and Twitch streamer Natalie Casanova. Still, their relationship was short-lived, as the couple separated not long after their affair was made public in 2014.

There have been no exceeding details shared about their romance ever since. Furthermore, some of his fans rumored that he had a romantic affair with his good friend, Reina Scully, as they are long-term co-workers who collaborated on several projects.

However, neither Reina nor Steven ever confirmed the gossip.

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