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Steven Matz is Married to Wife: Taylor Cain Matz. Kids.

Image of Steven Matz with his wife, Taylor Cain Matz 

Steven Matz is a professional athlete in Major League Baseball. He is a pitcher who was drafted by the New York Metz in 2009.

In the 2015 season, the baseball athlete was put in the rotation as a pitcher. He battled out with the Cincinnati Reds and eventually got the win.

The baseball star has gone to different teams since then. In 2021, Matz went on to the St. Louis Cardinals for forty-four million dollars.

The baseball star has made a lot of strikes but did he also perform well in his love life? Read more to know about Steven Matz’s wife.

Steven Matz is Married to Wife: Taylor Cain Matz

Image of Steven Matz with his wife, Taylor Cain Matz 

Steven Matz with his wife, Taylor Cain Matz

The New York native athlete has seen a sudden rise in his baseball career lately. As a pitcher, he is bound to have a lot of fans who are curious about his personal life.

They ask, “Who is Steven Matz’s wife?” It is true that the baseball star is already married. He tied the knot with Christian music singer Taylor Cain Metz.

The ceremony was held in 2017. According to sources, the two started their relationship in 2013 when they were introduced to each other by Steven’s teammate T.J. Rivera.

The couple has done a lot of charitable work throughout their time together. In the year 2015, the couple went to Honduras to offer aid to children who were in dire need of help.

Because of their works, the baseball star was nominated for the Man of the Year Award in 2017 by the MLB.

Who is Taylor Cain?

The  St. Louis Cardinals pitcher has found his number one fan in his other half. Steven Matz’s wife is the talented Taylor Cain.

Born on the 3rd day of December in the year 1989, Steven Matz’s wife is famous on her own. She is a guitarist and vocalist of the Christian band The Cains.

Steven Matz’s wife first learned to play the piano at the young age of five. Then, she would perform at their church’s worship.

The band is consisted of Steven Matz’s wife and her siblings: Madison and Logan. With her songwriter prowess, the band released hit songs such as “Rise Up” and “The Commission.”

Besides being a musician, Steven Matz’s wife is also a Worship Leader. During her college days, she would meet up with fellow students and sing about the Lord.

She was also a part of a jazz band known as Frequency. Recently, Steven Matz’s wife went on tour with her siblings around the country to meet different Church members.

Steven Matz’s Kids

After five years of marriage, the couple must have thought of raising their own family together. Recently, speculates have been made about Steven Matz’s wife being pregnant.

These rumors were not confirmed by the athlete. It is not known whether the baseball athlete’s wife gave birth or not.

But it is known that Steven and Taylor are yet to have children of their own. For now, we will wait for confirmation about the baseball star’s future kid.

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