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Steven Crowder Wife: Hilary Crowder and Kids

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Images of a perfect couple, Steven and Hilary Crowder

Steven Blake Crowder is a famous YouTuber whose topic of discussion involves political analysis. Moreover, Crowder frequently appears on screen as a contributor for Fox News with numerous segments. One of the things that made Crowder a fan favorite is his controversial yet humorous segment, Change My Mind. Setting up a table with a sign of “Change My Mind,” many have taken this segment as a meme template.

This famous analyst from Detroit, who has millions of followers, has had significant success and downfalls in his life. However, one of the happiest achievements in Crowder’s life is his marriage. As of 2021, Crowder is wedded to his sweetheart, and both reside in Dallas. Recently, Crowder’s happiness in his life reached a whole new level with the announcement of his newborn child.

Steven Crowder Wife: Hilary Crowder

Steven Crowder is married to his girlfriend for a long time, Hilary Crowder. Hilary, who was born on 1st January 1987, came to the limelight thanks to Crowder. Before settling in with the Dallas analyst, Hilary’s real name used to be Hilary Beth Korzon. Hilary’s parents raised her with Christian values in Michigan’s village known as Suttons Bay.

At 34 years of age, Steven Crowder has had an outstanding career. Besides being a celebrity’s wife, Hilary is a successful interior designer and has also worked as a sales manager at her father’s furniture shop. Completely different from her profession, Hilary is a graduate in Political Science who graduated from Michigan’s Calvin College in 2010.

Not much detail is available on Crowder’s wife, but there is no doubt that Hilary supports Crowder in every step of their life.

Married Life

Hilary’s husband announced the good news about him and Hilary getting married on social media. Reports suggest that Crowder’s childhood dream is to get married, and the fans are more than happy for this comedian.

Crowder first announced his engagement with Hilary that took place in March 2012. Five months later, in August 2012, Hilary and Crowder walked down the aisle without delay.

Hilary and Crowder’s marriage was a casual one like most native residents of Texas. But the exciting thing about their marriage was that they did it the right way.

We know that Crowder and Hilary are both Christians and are strict in sticking with Christian values. Both vowed to refrain from a sexual relationship before marriage and stayed pure. According to Crowder, sex before marriage would make things awkward on the night of the wedding.

How the two came to know each other is a mystery, but Hilary and Crowder became best friends before being couples.

Hilary Crowder smiling with her husband, Steven Crowder
A famous YouTuber, Steven Crowder, and his wife, Hilary Crowder.


Fans couldn’t help but notice that the Crowder couple were amidst controversy due to a marijuana case. Both husband and wife interviewed students of a local school named Community High School and asked them to give their opinion on the use of marijuana. Though they said the reason for this discussion is for blog writing, it turns out that Crowder recorded this interview for a segment at Fox News. What enraged the students is that some of the responses in the clip were edited misleadingly.

Hilary Crowder Illness

Recently, sad news came to light when fans saw Hilary in a hospital bed. Crowder revealed that his wife was suffering from a medical condition known as GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome). This means that Hilary’s immune system harms her nerve cells which could cause irreversible paralysis and muscle fatigue. Thankfully, Hilary’s condition is not worse, and she is healing fine after receiving proper treatment.

On the other hand, Hilary’s husband has been suffering from a chest injury himself. Recently, Crowder had a chest surgery where he had to insert alternative rods since he was prone to heart failure. As a result, he has not been active on social media. Fans of Crowder are constantly sending him and his wife prayers and support.

Hilary Crowder, wife of Steven Crowder looking beautiful in golden hair
Hilary Crowder, wife of Steven Crowder.

Hilary Crowder Kids and Miscarriage

As if sorrows never stopped haunting the Crowder family when Hilary had the misfortune of miscarriage a baby. In June 2020, Crowder revealed that the loss of their first baby deeply disheartened him and his wife.

However, there was light after dark for the Crowder couple. As compensation for the loss of their first child, God gifted Hilary and Crowder with twins. The proud father announced Hilary’s pregnancy on Instagram. But on 25th January 2021, he confirmed that the two are expecting twins. The Crowder family will most likely have two little troublemakers in their house by October.

Besides this, Hilary and Crowder share two grown canine friends named Betty and Happer.

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