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Steve McMichael is Married to Wife: Misty Davenport. Kids.

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Image of Steve McMichael with his wife, Misty Davenport

Some people were former athletes but now chose to become a coach, and one of them is Steve McMichael. He is a well-known former player in the National Football League and plays the position of defensive tackle in his former club teams.

The American head coach was born in Houston, Texas, the United States, on October 17, 1957, and is now 64. Steve was recruited by several football teams back then, including New England Patriots in 1980, Chicago Bears from 1991 to 1993, and Green Bay Packers in 1994.

McMichael’s talent was recognized when he was still an active football player, and he helped his team get championships. Some of these awards are Super Bowl champion, two times Pro Bowl, Top 100 Greatest Bears of All-Time, and two times first-team All-Pro in 1985 and 1987.

Many people wonder if the famous American coach has a wife at the moment who supports him and understands the career path he took. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Steve McMichael’s wife, partner, love life, and children.

Steve McMichael is Married to his Wife, Misty Davenport, since 2001

Image of Steve McMichael with his wife, Misty Davenport
Steve McMichael with his wife, Misty Davenport

Undoubtedly, it is hard for anyone to stop doing what they love ever since their younger years. Steve has been an incredible football player in his prime years but eventually had no choice but to retire.

Many people have wondered if Steve McMichael’s wife knows how to cheer him up and support his decisions. Moreover, people have seen Steve McMichaels’ wife in public, but they are unsure if she is the former athlete’s wife.

Our team has gathered information, and we have concluded that Misty Davenport is Steve McMichael’s wife. She has been with the head coach ever since he has transitioned from a football player to being a coach of a football team.

After being diagnosed with ALS, Steve McMichael’s wife has been impeccable in taking care of the former professional wrestler. As someone who loves to move around and play different sports, it will be a tough battle when you lose your muscle control.

Moreover, the couple did not let challenges ruin their marriage and supported each other despite the difficulties. On March 24, 2001, Steve McMichael’s wife decided to marry the former athlete and promised to love him.

Currently, the couple has been secretive about what is happening in their marital relationship. Neither of them has social media accounts, or it is hard to find and inactive for a while.

Steve McMichael’s Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

The former athlete was also a former professional wrestler that has been well-known for his talent in defeating his enemies through strategic moves. With that being said, Steve’s scope of having a partner in the past had widened, making him have a past relationship with Debra Marshall.

Debra Marshall married her fellow wrestler in 1985 and has had a happy relationship. They first met because of Steve’s mother, whom Debra met on an airplane, and the former couple had their first date as a blind date.

However, things did not end well for them, and the relationships fell apart. Steve and Debra decided to end their marriage through a divorce on October 18, 1998.

Misty Davenport’s Biography

Steve McMichael’s wife is a blessing to the former American wrestler as she knew how to love him unconditionally. Being in a relationship with someone with ALS is not easy, but she conquered the challenges and continuously fought.

Misty was born on August 31, 1970, and is now 51. However, Misty is a private person and does not want to share information regarding her personal life.

Our team will perform a deep search and gather data about Misty Davenport. We will update this article once we find more details about Steve McMichael’s wife.

Steve McMichael’s Kids

Image of Steve McMichael and Misty Davenport with their daughter, Macy Dale Michael
Steve McMichael and Misty Davenport with their daughter, Macy Dale Michael

Despite being diagnosed with ALS, the former professional athlete did not make an excuse not to be a good father to their child. Steve McMichael’s wife gave birth to their only daughter named, Macy Dale Michael.

Macy Dale was born on January 22, 2008, and is now 14. People think that Macy will understand why her father could do limited activities.

Furthermore, the couple did not share more information about their daughter. We will update this article once they have decided to disclose details about Macy.

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