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Steve Kerr is Married to Wife: Margot Brennan. Kids.

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Image of Steve Kerr with his wife, Margot Brennan, and their kids, Nick Kerr, Matthew Kerr, and Madeleine Kerr

Stephen Douglas Kerr, also known as Steve Kerr, is a famous professional basketball coach who was a former player in the National Basketball Association. He is the present coach of the well-known team, Golden State Warriors.

The American head coach was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 27, 1965, and is now 56. Many people have known Steve as a talented basketball player and recruited by teams like the Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, and Portland Trail Blazers.

As a skilled player, Steve has been awarded several achievements while still playing for his former basketball teams. Some of these awards are NBA Three-Point Contest champion, Second-team All-American, First All-Pac-10, and jersey number 25 retirement by Arizona Wildcats.

Fans and other people have witnessed the success he has built for many years, but some of his avid fans wanted to know if he is dating someone. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Steve Kerr’s wife, partner, marital relationship, and children.

Steve Kerr has been Married to his Wife, Margot Brennan, since 1990

Image of Steve Kerr with his wife, Margot Brennan
Steve Kerr with his wife, Margot Brennan

Being long-time sweethearts has been an exciting story for some people because it is intriguing how they managed to sustain a healthy relationship. Moreover, Steve Kerr’s wife has loved the head coach for many years.

The husband and wife made their first interaction at the University of Arizona. Steve and Margot were schoolmates and started to get to know each other phase whenever they talked on the campus.

Before being able to reach the position they are in at the moment, the couple faced different challenges in their life. Moreover, it did not stop them from loving each other and ensuring they learn from their mistakes and apply the solutions in the future.

Steve Kerr’s wife wanted to live a private life, so their special day was set to a private ceremony in Ohio. On September 15, 1990, close friends, family members, and relatives attended the lovely couple’s wedding.

Many people admired the couple’s blossoming relationship since they had been together for a long time. Fans of the head coach wanted to know if there is a secret ingredient to having a long-lasting intimate connection with a partner.

Netizens think privacy is the key to having a healthy relationship because no one can comment on your problems and situation. Steve Kerr’s wife was blessed with three children, and the couple tries their best to set an excellent example for the kids.

Margot Brennan’s Biography

Steve Kerr’s wife is a beautiful woman named Margot Brennan. During their years of marriage, she knows hot support her husband in his career and decisions.

According to sources, Margot was born in 1967 and is around 54 to 55 years old. Steve Kerr’s wife went to the University of Arizona, where she met the former basketball star.

However, Brennan wants to live a low-key life, so she keeps her personal information away from the public. We will update this article once we find more information regarding Steve Kerr’s wife.

Steve Kerr’s Kids

Image of Steve Kerr with his wife, Margot Brennan, and their kids, Nick Kerr, Matthew Kerr, and Madeleine Kerr
Steve Kerr with his wife, Margot Brennan, and their kids, Nick Kerr, Matthew Kerr, and Madeleine Kerr

The happily married couple gave birth to three children. They are Nick Kerr, Matthew Kerr, and Madeleine Kerr.

Nick was born in Sandiego, California, the United States, on November 9, 1992, and is now 29. He adapted his father’s athleticism and entered high school and college basketball.

Madeleine did not want to miss the chance to be an athlete, so she trained hard to play volleyball at Torrey Pines High School. She was also called an ace player because of her excellent skills in the sport.

On the other hand, Matthew ventured into the football world. He has successfully played for the team he is currently a part of.

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