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Steve Doocy is Married to Wife: Kathy Gerrity. 3 Kids

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Image of Steve Doocy with his wife, Kathy Gerrity, and their kids, Sally, Marry, and Peter

Steve Doocy is a political critic, writer, and television host. His birthplace was identified to be in Algona, Iowa, as Stephen James Doocy.

He is most prominent for being an anchor on the Fox News Channel. Also, he has been hosting the channel since 1996 and has been a regular since then.

He was born and raised in Iowa. His parents identified as JoAnne and James Edward Doocy.

The TV personality was born on the 19th of October 1956 and is currently 65 years old as of 2021. He attained his degree in Journalism from  Kansas University in Lawrence.           

Are there reports regarding Steve Doocy’s wife? Find out as we reveal further information, which includes his marriage and kids, in this Wikipedia-type article.

Steve Doocy has been Married to Kathy Gerrity since 1986       

Image of Steve Doocy with his wife, Kathy Gerrity
Steve Doocy with his wife, Kathy Gerrity

Because of the TV personality’s intellect, his love life is often looked upon on the internet. According to reports, Steve Doocy has been married to his wife, Kathy Gerrity, since 1986.

The couple’s first encounter occurred in Washington, D.C. The two of them used to work at WRC-TV.

On the 30th of June 1986, the duo decided to tie the knot. According to reports, they have been seeing each other for a long time before their marriage.

In the course of their relationship, the political commentator never hesitated to be vocal about their love for each other. Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook is a book written and published by Doocy in 2007.

It tackles their companionship throughout the years. It includes information about their dilemmas and wins as friends and as a couple simultaneously.

Who is Kathy Gerrity?           

Kathy Gerrity is an ESPN host and an ex-model. She is most prominent for being Steve Doocy’s wife.

On the 24th of May 1956, the host was born. She was raised by her parents in the United States of America.

Details about the early life and career of Steve Doocy’s wife are not available publicly as of this writing.

Steve Doocy’s Children         

Image of Steve Doocy with his wife, Kathy Gerrity, and their kids, Sally, Marry, and Peter
Image of Steve Doocy with his wife, Kathy Gerrity, and their kids, Sally, Marry, and Peter

Their marriage for a long time is favored to bring three beautiful children into this world. Their first two kids are daughters, and the youngest is a son.

They named their children Sally, Marry, and Peter. Specific information regarding the early and current lives of their children is not published for public knowledge.

However, according to reports, their son Peter is also a reporter at Fox News. Furthermore, he is also a White House correspondent.

Peter followed the passion of his father as a television personality who specializes in news reporting. He has been training since he was young by watching how his father works.

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