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Steve Dischiavi is Married to Wife: Simone Dischiavi. Kids.

Image of Steve Dischiavi with his wife, Simone Dischiavi

A paranormal expert and a veteran homicide detective, he is Steve Dischiavi. People began recognizing him, becoming a notable detective in a well-known paranormal show, The Dead Files.

This paranormal series started airing in September 2011 on Travel Channel, and until now, it’s still airing, and people are still hooked on the series. But, people must be more familiar with him in his documentary series in 2005.

His debut in television was when he starred in a documentary series, NYPD Homicide division, in 2005. His appearance in this documentary was the start of his fame in his career; the viewers approved the series, and it became a hit.

His documentary series was even nominated for in Emmy Award and won. Steve Dischiavi was also cast as a detective in a crime-paranormal film, Pride and Glory, in 2008.

He also starred in another television series, Paranormal After Party. In addition, Steve Dischiavi began his profession as a homicide detective two decades before Jim Casey, a producer, piqued an interest in him.

After 21 years of putting his skills to great use, he decided to retire from being a homicidal detective. He is indeed a great detective since his passion and talent in his career never ceased to impress everyone.

Who is Steve Dischiavis Wife? Well answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Steve Dischiavi has been Married to Wife Simone Dischiavi since 2021

Image of Steve Dischiavi with his wife, Simone Dischiavi
Steve Dischiavi with his wife, Simone Dischiavi

A beautiful and sophisticated woman has turned into Steve Dischiavis wife, Simone Dischiavi. Assumptions that the couple started going out in 2019 as Steve Dischiavi announced on his Instagram that Simone Dischiavi is her new partner.

After two years of dating, before the 14th of February came, Steve Dischiavi publicized proposing to her girlfriend and proudly announced that she, without a doubt, said yes. Their pledge of being husband and wife happened in December 2021.

Steve Dischiavi’s Past Relationships

Before meeting his current spouse, Steve Dischiavi was married to Angela Dischiavi. No one knows when their wedding happened, but the two of them split and divorced in 2015.

He never mentioned her in an interview or on his social media. Steve Dischiavi kept the information about his previous wife away from the press.

Simone Dischiavi’s Biography

As much as we want to know more about Steve Dischiavis wife, any details regarding her are kept secret. Despite earning a name for being the spouse of a famous paranormal researcher, Simone Dischiavi chose to keep her personal life away from being publicized.

People are still curious about the beautiful Simone Dischiavi; however, she seems not interested in being the talk in show business. She remained an ordinary woman as well as the lovely and supportive wife of Steve Dischiavi.

Simone Dischiavi’s Kids

Since Steve Dischiavi and Simone Dischiavi recently got married, their plans on having kids are still due, or they might announce it immediately. For now, lets focus on his only daughter from his ex-wife.

Lauren Dischiavi Rivera is his child’s name; she is already a mature adult and has a family of her own. She has a stable job at Cristina Trust. Simone has been happily married to a husband since 2018; her husband’s name is William Rivera.

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