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Stephen Satterfield is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Gabriella Oviedo.

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Image of Stephen Satterfield with his girlfriend, Gabriella Oviedo

Stephen Satterfield is a businessman, producer, and writer. Aside from his profession, he also established Whetstone Media and its magazine.

Currently, he is the host of a series aired on Netflix entitled High on The Hog. In this series, he scrutinizes the effects of his origin, African American, delicacies on America’s food development throughout the years.

The entrepreneur is considered the most popular and honored voice criticizing American food. One of the remarkable things he is notable for is the use of wine as an agitator of socio-economic development for the wine employees of South Africa.

In Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Stephen Satterfield was born. His parents identified as Sam and Debra Satterfield.

Are you curious about Stephen Satterfield’s wife? or girlfriend? Continue reading as we reveal further details about their relationship.

Stephen Satterfield’s Dating Status           

Being a famous food critic and writer, supporters are curious about his love life. The producer is currently dating Gabriella Oviedo.

Stephen Satterfield’s wife in the future initially wanted their relationship to be private. However, the writer posted their picture on his Instagram one time in October 2020.

In his post, he mentioned in his caption that his girlfriend asked why they never take pictures together, and he answered it’s because they stay in the moment and make memories. Stephen Satterfield’s girlfriend speaks Spanish based on the critique’s caption on their picture.

The businessman first appeared on his girlfriend’s social media in June 2020. Judging their relationship, they are most likely to get married sooner or later.

Details about Stephen Satterfield’s wife in the future are not disclosed to the public as of this writing. She is only known for being the prominent writer’s better half.

Stephen Satterfield’s Short Biography           

Image of Stephen Satterfield
Stephen Satterfield is an African-American food writer, producer, and media entrepreneur.

The host has been vocal about his love for his parents. In June 2020, he greeted them as they observed their 38th wedding anniversary.

He inherited his love for writing from his mother, a Doctor of Education who graduated from the University of Georgia. The producer’s mother served as principal for most of her life.

Details about his father are not disclosed to the public. Nevertheless, it can be inferred that his parents are supportive and are still staying strong as this writing.

Stephen Satterfield’s Kids        

Stephen Satterfield and his girlfriend, Gabriella Oviedo, are still in the early stage of their relationship. Hence, having a family and kids is not their top priority as of this writing.

According to reports, they have been traveling around the world and taking the time of their lives to enjoy and relax. Based on Gabriella’s Instagram, she also loves food as much as Stephen does.

Their shared interest in food makes their bond stronger as a couple. This article will be updated once reports about their marriage or kids are available.

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