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Is Steelo Brim Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Steelo Brim

Steelo Brim is an American tv host and comedian. He is known for his work on the station MTV.

Sterling Brim was born on the 5th of June in the year 1988. He grew up in ChicagoIllinois alongside his parents, who are members of the church.

His break started when he met the actor Rob Dyrdek. The two went on to host the hit comedy clip show Ridiculousness alongside Chanel West Coast.

The show lasted for 11 years with over 25 seasons. After his time there, Brim appeared in different films as a supporting cast.

With the busy career of the celebrity, does he have time to have a partner? We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding the relationship status of Steelo Brim.

Is Steelo Brim Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Steelo Brim
Steelo Brim is an American television personality, comedian, and actor.

The MTV host has made many viewers laugh because of his jokes and comments. Because of this, Brim gained a huge number of fans.

But his supporters are curious about his relationship status. Also, Fans are eager to know who is Steelo Brim’s wife.

According to sources, Steelo Brim is currently single. He has no history of marriage and is still look for his other half.

Although speculations about his current girlfriend spread on the internet, the celebrity never disclosed any information about his relationship with anyone. We are still waiting when will the celebrity be in love again.

Steelo Brim’s Past Relationships

Image of Steelo Brim with his ex-girlfriend, Conna Walker
Steelo Brim with his ex-girlfriend, Conna Walker

Despite being single, the MTV celebrity has experienced being in a relationship. Steelo Brim was previously in a relationship with fashion icon Conna Walker.

The lovely woman was nearly Steelo Brim’s wife. Sadly, their relationship did not end happily.

The two started dating in 2015. A year after they got to know each other, the American celebrity asked the hand of Conna for marriage in 2016.

The ex-couple enjoyed four years together. They were often seen in public together.

The two also frequently post photos of each other on their social media accounts. They even exchanged I love you’s during a series of tweets in 2018.

But unfortunately, around 2020, the couple fell out of love. The pair were seen deleting posts that included each other.

They also removed each other from their following list. This hinted that the relationship between the two had reached a sad end.

Unfortunately, details are not disclosed about their breakup. The reason for their split is also no revealed to the public.

Who Is Conna Walker?

Image of Conna Walker
Conna Walker is an English fashion designer, Instagram star, and social media personality.

The MTV star has good taste when choosing a partner to be his love. This is proven when he was still in a relationship.

Steelo Brim’s ex-girlfriend is Conna Walker. She was almost Steelo Brim’s wife.

But because of some undisclosed reasons, the couple did not push through with marriage. After the breakup, Conna focused on her career.

She is a fashion icon. The lovely woman has over 180k followers on her social media accounts.

She uses this to promote her business and other endeavors. The English woman is also an entrepreneur.

She is the founder of the British luxury clothing brand House of CB. During her youth, she studied how her parents worked.

At the young age of 17, Walker decided to borrow from her father $3880 to start her clothing line. At first, it was hard because she did not have any fashion training.

But eventually, her business received praise from famous celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner.

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