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Is Simon Dominic Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Previous Relationships

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Image of Simon Dominic

Legally born Jung Ki-suck, he was famous with the screen name Simon Dominic. He is a hip-hop music artist who hails from South Korea.

When he was still new in the industry, he began as a band member of the duo called Supreme Team. However, the band did not succeed, so they went on separate paths.

He is now a solo artist with two music records under the credit of his name. His two albums are Simon Dominic Presents: SNL League Begins and Darkroom.

Due to his passion for the said field, he decided to establish his recording label, and he named it AOMG. Furthermore, he also made appearances in Korean novel dramas such as I Live Alone and Show Me the Money 5.

The successful career of the actor has many fans wondering whether there is a certain Simon Dominic’s wife who is behind him. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his dating status and previous relationships.

Simon Dominic’s Dating Status

Image of Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic is a South Korean hip-hop recording artist. He is known as a group member of the hip-hop duo Supreme Team.

Because of his prominence as a music artist turned actor, people are wondering when the title of Simon Dominic’s wife will be taken. However, it seems like the actor is not yet ready to settle because he still has much to conquer.

According to sources, Simon Dominic is not married to a wife nor dating a girlfriend as of 2022. He is so focused on his emerging career that he cannot afford to date someone.

The hip-hop artist mentioned that he is already committed to music which most likely makes it hard for him to find a lifetime partner. If he is lucky, his partner must be understanding enough of his tightly packed schedule.

As one of the rising artists of Korea, fans are anticipating the day when Simon Dominic’s wife will be announced to the public. Nevertheless, if the actor does not want to settle yet, it is okay if he is happy and okay.

Simon Dominic’s Previous Relationships

As someone who lives a public life, it is not unusual for him to be featured in different tabloids, especially when it comes to his dating life. According to sources, Dominic used to be in a relationship with a singer named Lady Jane.

Their former partnership is publicly known because they are both prominent figures in the field of music. That is why when they broke up, they felt the need to address the public about it.

The couple met through a common friend when the hip-hop artist was still working his way up to fame. The supposed to be Simon Dominic’s wife said that the singer was staring at her while they were at a party.

When confronted about why he was acting as such, he said that he could not stop himself because he is a big fan of Lady Jane. The lady singer felt his sincerity and initiated and conversation between the two.

Their relationship lasted for more than six years. It was not them who broke the news but the actor’s label stating that they separated ways due to their busy schedule.

Not long after, Lady Jane spoke about it to end the speculations. She mentioned that she wants to be Simon Dominic’s wife, but they are not on the same page, which is why the best option is to break up before it leads to something resentful.

She added that it is hard to commit to someone who does not share the same vision as hers. On the other hand, when the supposed Simon Dominic’s wife was mentioned in one of the actor’s interviews, it was obvious that he was still affected by their breakup.

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