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Silas Robertson is Married to Wife: Christine Raney – Robertson

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American television personality, Uncle Si with his wife

 ‘Uncle Si’ or Silas Robertson is a TV personality that rose to fame thanks to his role in Duck Dynasty.

Duck Dynasty is a reality show that treats its viewers to a closer look at the Robertsons’ ‘multi-million dollar sporting empire.’

 Viewers loved Uncle Si in front for his carefree attitude and laid-back personality. The show features every other member of the Robertson clan, no matter what age and gender.

Merritt Robertson often referred to as "Uncle Si"
American television personality Silas Merritt Robertson is often referred to as “Uncle Si.”

 In light of this, there has only been one Robertson who has to appear on the show. That person is Uncle Si’s wife, Christine Robertson. Veiled from the cameras, let’s get to know more about her.

Christine Robertson’s Early Life

Christina Robertson was born on the 20th of November 1946 in the USA. There is not much known about her early life as she had always kept it under wraps.

Christine Robertson’s Physique

Christina appears to be of average height and weight based on the pictures. Though, she might be taller in real life if we were to establish her measurements on the available images.

Si Robertson stands at almost 6ft, and to compare, Christina’s stature doesn’t seem far too off.

Christina Robertson’s Educational Background

Like her early life, Christine’s educational background is also unknown, and there seems to be no way of knowing even in the future.

As opposed to hers, Si Robertson’s had his life well documented. Robertson went to North Caddo HS, located in Louisiana, and played varsity football there.

Christina Robertson’s Parents and Siblings

Details relating to her parents or siblings haven’t been made public yet. However, it is known that her husband, Uncle Si was the second youngest among his family.

Uncle Si has six siblings, which are all born to James and Merritt Robertson.

Uncle Si and Christina Robertson’s Family

In 1971, Christine and Robertson tied the knot. Along with their marriage, they also parent two children named Trasa and Scott, which brought them eight grandchildren.

In his guest appearance on Good Morning America, Robertson shared her love for Christine, stating that she’s the ‘one woman that got my heart.’

ncle Si with his wife Christina Robertson
American television personality Uncle Si with his wife, Christine Robertson


According to Christine, her non-appearance on the show is more health-related. In an interview with US Magazine, Christine shared that.

 “I always told people, ‘She’s got better sense than the rest of us.’ But that ain’t the real reason.”

 Christine also added that,

 “Sometimes we film 12 hours a day, and she’s just not healthy enough to go through the rigors of that.”

 In view of this, Christine or even Uncle Si has yet to state whether she will appear on the show one day.

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