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Is Shawn Rhoden Married to New Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Kids.

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Image of Shawn Rhoden with his ex-wife, Michelle Sugar, with their daughter Cora Capri Rhoden

Shawn Rhoden was a Jamaican-American widely known as a professional bodybuilder for the International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB). He was previously a Mr. Olympia winner when he had won against Phil Health, the seven-time Mr. Olympia he had defeated in 2018.

Find out more about former professional bodybuilder Shawn Rhoden’s wife, previous marriage, rumored relationship details, and his life. Take a look and learn about his kids in this article!

Shawn Rhoden’s dating status

Image of Shawn Rhoden
Shawn Rhoden was a Jamaican-American IFBB professional bodybuilder

He presently does not have a girlfriend or a wife as he had recently succumbed to death on the 6th day of November 2021 due to an unfortunate heart attack. He died at the young age of 46.

The former bodybuilder did not have any publicly known official relationship during his last few years. His social media accounts, especially his Instagram, did not have any hints regarding his romantic links and did not have clues that implied he was within a relationship.

He had difficulty finding a love affair since his legal issues and most likely hid his romantic endeavors to avoid drama. The 2018 Mr. Olympia had sexual assault accusations filed by a female protege when he was in Salt Lake City, Utah, in October of 2018 and was charged in the state with sexual abuse, rape, and object rape in July of 2019.

Shawn Rhoden and Michelle Sugar’s previous marriage

Image of Shawn Rhoden with his ex-wife, Michelle Sugar, with their daughter Cora Capri Rhoden
Shawn Rhoden with his ex-wife, Michelle Sugar, with their daughter Cora Capri Rhoden

There was a time when someone was Shawn Rhoden’s wife. He had a prior marriage with his ex-wife, Michelle Sugar, a known Instagram model and entrepreneur.

There is no exact information about when the former couple started to date, but they were first rumored to be together in 2017. After a year since their relationship had surfaced, Shawn and Michelle had made news when he reportedly got married to the social media star in 2018.

Their wedding details are yet to be revealed to the public. Shockingly, they were divorced not long after their union due to extramarital affairs allegations and undisclosed personal issues; the date for their divorce is unrevealed.

Sadly, their split had left their only child with a broken family.

Shawn Rhoden’s Rumored relationships

After his separation from his ex-partner, he was rumored to be dating Lauralie Chapados, a Canadian fitness model and IFBB Pro Bikini athlete. They were alleged to have dated as they were seen together in a breakfast meeting in JayCutlerTV’s YouTube video before going to the Kilo Club in Summerlin, Nevada, for a shoulder workout.

Despite the dating allegations, they were confirmed only to be good friends. They were said to be the closest friends during the last eight months of his life.

Shawn Rhoden’s Kids

Image of Shawn Rhoden with his daughter, Cora Capri Rhoden
Shawn Rhoden with his daughter, Cora Capri Rhoden

Before his unfortunate departure from life, he had fathered one child with his previous partner, Michelle Sugar. They had a daughter together before they got married.

On the 24th day of July 2015, his then-girlfriend had given birth to his only child, a daughter they had named Cora Capri Rhoden. The former couple’s baby girl is currently six years old.

Her photographs were regularly posted and featured on her father’s Instagram account, and he was expressing his love for his daughter. Though they had separated, they were still friends as they wanted to have a good influence on their daughter and have an amicable co-parenting relationship.

Unfortunately, their daughter had experienced such miserable events early, having undergone her parents’ split and her father’s passing. Despite that, it is apparent that he has been a great father to her and has taught her many things in their short time together.

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