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Shawn Dou is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Laurinda Ho. Previous Relationships

Image of Shawn Dou with his girlfriend, Laurinda Ho

Shawn Dou is an interracial artist who hailed from both Canada and China. He is most prominent for his appearance on the television series with the title Tears in Heaven.

Both of his parents are of descent from China, however, the family relocated to Canada when the actor is still young. It was discovered that Shawn Dou enrolled in David Lloyd George Elementary School, wherein he engaged in Karate which gained him championship awards.

To further improve his acting career, he entered the Beijing Film Academy. Because of the school’s reputation, he was quick to be scouted as the male leading character on the TV series The Love of the Hawthorn Tree.

With the good looks and skills of the actor, a lot of people are wondering whether Shawn Dou’s wife is already taken. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him including his dating status, rumored marriage, and previous relationships.

Shawn Dou’s Dating Status

Image of Shawn Dou with his girlfriend, Laurinda Ho
Shawn Dou with his girlfriend, Laurinda Ho

Many onlookers are curious about the dating life of the famous Chinese Canadian actor because of his handsome face and exemplary talent in acting. Most of the time, questions with regards to Shawn Dou’s wife are asked of him during interviews.

According to the television personality, the title Shawn Dou’s wife is not yet taken by anybody as of this writing. However, he has been in a long-term relationship with a lovely woman named Laurinda Ho.

The couple’s first encounter was not revealed to the public. But it was discovered that they were dating since April of 2019.

Their relationship is frequently placed on the first page of tabloids because of their life status. However, their love for each other is greater than the rumors that have been thrown unto them.

Who is Laurinda Ho?

Image of Laurinda Ho
Laurinda Ho is the founder of the charity Smile with Us HK, founder, and director of Jiu Wu Beef Noodles in HK, director of UNIR Hotels, and non-executive director of Macau Legend Development. She is also known as Shawn Dou’s girlfriend

Aside from being known as the presumed Shawn Dou’s wife, Laurinda Ho is a prominent person herself. She is the heiress of a large company owned by their family for generations.

Furthermore, due to her access to wealth, she has established a lot of businesses and charities under her name. Some of these are namely Jiu We Beef Noodles and Smile with Us Hong Kong.

Moreover, she is Macau Legend Development’s current non-executive head. In addition to this, she has been directing UNIR hotels along with the previously mentioned companies.

The presumed Shawn Dou’s wife is tagged as the most beautiful wealthy girl in the world. The actor is surely lucky to have someone this beautiful and responsible when it comes to life’s duties.

Shawn Dou’s Rumored Marriage

The internet was once disturbed by the news that Laurinda is already Shawn Dou’s wife. However, the actor was quick to address the issue because he does not want to put pressure on her partner.

He said that he is thankful for the love, but they have not yet exchanged vows. He added that he will surely inform the public when that happens.

Shawn Dou’s Previous Relationships

Being in the industry, most of the women paired with him are most likely rumored to be his girlfriends. Having a girlfriend, it is not easy to be linked to anybody else, but it was disclosed that it’s okay for the presumed Shawn Dou’s wife because it is just for work.

These women are namely, Ming Xi Mengyao, Cheng Xiaoyue, Janine Chang, Joe Chen Qiao’en, and Ye Jing. All of them stated that Shawn is only a colleague and nothing more.

Furthermore, they respect his relationship with Laurinda Ho because they believe that they are perfect for each other. What Shawn and the ladies did is strictly for promotion and fan service only.

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