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Shaun Cassidy is Married to Wife: Tracey Lynne Turner. Kids.

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Image of Shaun Cassidy and Tracey Lynne Turner with their family

Several actors in the entertainment industry found their groove not just in acting but also in producing great movies and shows, just like Shaun Cassidy. He is famous for being an American actor, film and television producer, and writer.

The professional actor was born in Los Angeles, California, the United States, on September 27, 1958, and is now 63. He also has produced several music tracks, including Hey, There Lonely Girl, Do You Believe in Magic, Be My Baby, Room Service, Under Wraps, and Hey Deanie.

Shaun appeared and has been a cast member in several movies and television shows like General Hospital, Once Upon a Texas Train, Midnight Run for Your Life, New Amsterdam, Ruby & the Rockits, and Breaking Away. He has been active in the showbiz industry since 1976, so you can tell that he is an experienced producer, actor, and writer.

Indeed, the American film producer has contributed many great things to the entertainment and made people wonder how he has been able to keep tabs on his family since he has a fully-booked schedule. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Shaun Cassidy’s wife, partner, love life, and children.

Shaun Cassidy has been married to his wife, Tracey Lynne Turner, since 2004

Image of Shaun Cassidy with his wife, Tracey Lynne Turner
Shaun Cassidy with his wife, Tracey Lynne Turner

Many followers of the famous film producer have been intrigued about who Shaun Cassidy’s wife is and if she is a perfect match for him. Unfortunately, for those who have a massive crush on the renowned writer, he has been married for a long time and is not available to date.

They have been married for 17 years, and fans wonder what their secret is for lasting a long time. However, the couple likes to keep everything private as the critical factor to any relationship should be discovered by the husband and wife themselves.

Fans wonder how they met since Shaun has a busy schedule and does not have time to go on dates. Moreover, there are speculations that Shaun Cassidy’s wife met him on some television set while shooting for a project.

There were no confirmations regarding the rumors, but that is the most likely situation about the pair’s first meeting.  Since Shaun Cassidy’s wife is in the same field as him, they know to engage in cases and approach them from different angles.

Some fans speculate that their common ground kept their relationship afloat amidst many misunderstandings and problems. Moreover, many individuals want someone who would understand their point every time there is a problem, which is what Shaun Cassidy’s wife did for her husband.

Shaun Cassidy’s Past Relationships and Ex-wife

Perhaps Shaun Cassidy’s dating history has been one of the most intriguing ones in the showbiz industry as he dates a few women who are well-known celebrities in the past. If you are one of the people who want to discover the film producer’s love life, stay tuned!

Jamie Lee Curtis

The first woman whom Shaun dated was Jamie Lee Curtis, who appeared in several television programs and films. However, there was no specified date released by the producer when they started dating.

Some fans of Jamie are saying that they did not date, but according to sources, Cassidy and the actress had an intimate connection. Our team will update this article once we find more information regarding the former couple’s relationship.

Ann Pennington

Image of Shaun Cassidy with his ex-partner, Ann Pennington
Shaun Cassidy with his ex-partner, Ann Pennington

Ann Pennington was Shaun Cassidy’s wife back then, and they started with a happy and healthy relationship that made people celebrate their intimacy. They decided to tie the knot in 1979 and had three children, including one stepchild.

People saw them as a good couple raising their children, but in 1993, Shaun and Ann decided to end their relationship through a divorce. They also did not give a reason for how co-parenting will work for them.

Susan Diol

Image of Shaun Cassidy with his former partner, Susan Diol
Shaun Cassidy with his former partner, Susan Diol

Shaun did not give up after one failed marriage and found love with Susan Diol. The former couple decided to date for a short time before making a mutual decision to exchange rings and vows in 1995.

They had been a fantastic pair, and people thought they would last for a lifetime as they portrayed an excellent relationship to the public. Shaun and Susan had one daughter before they decided to divorce their marriage in 2003.

Shaun Cassidy’s Kids

Image of Shaun Cassidy and Tracey Lynne Turner with their kids
Shaun Cassidy and Tracey Lynne Turner with their kids

People think it is insane when you hear someone has eight children because that its too much for a person to handle. However, it is not challenging for Shaun Cassidy, and he knows how to take care of them.

The film producer had three children with his first wife, Ann Pennington. Caitlin was born in 1981, Jake in 1985, and their stepdaughter Jessica in 1970.

With his loving marriage to his second wife, Susan Diol, the couple gave birth to one child. Juliet is the only child of the former couple, and she was born in 1998.

Shaun found true love with his third wife, Tracey Lynne Turner. Shaud Cassidy’s wife gave birth to four children, Roan in 2006, Caleb in 2005, Mairin in 2011, and Lila in 2008.

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