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Shannon Briggs is Married to Wife: Alana Wilson. Kids

Image of Shannon Briggs with his wife, Alana Wilson, and their kids

Shannon Briggs was previously a boxer from the United States of America. During his career, he has bagged several world titles, which made him relevant in the field.

According to sources, he was a champion of the world heavyweight twice. Furthermore, from 1997 to 1998, he held the lineal title alongside the World Boxing Organization’s title from 2006 to the following year.

The signature move of the boxer is his daunting power in punching alongside force which knocks out his competitors, most likely, during the first rounds of the competition. He has been commended by his previous contender, a boxer named Lennox Lewis, for his swift hands and punching power.

His childhood was considerably rough, so he learned how to fight. He decided to put his skills into use by practicing at Jimmy O’Pharrow’s Starrett City Boxing Club.

His amazing life as a boxer and as a person makes the people wonder if there is a certain Shannon Briggs’ wife who supports and attends to him. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his marriage and kids.

Shannon Briggs is Married to Wife: Alana Wilson.

Image of Shannon Briggs with his wife, Alana Wilson
Shannon Briggs with his wife, Alana Wilson

Interviews of the boxer usually highlight the question about Shannon Briggs’ wife. He does not shy from the fact that he is committed to a lifelong marriage.

According to reports, the title of Shannon Briggs’ wife is already taken by a beautiful lady under the name register of Alana Wilson. The specific details with regards to their first encounter are yet to be disclosed to the media.

Furthermore, it was assumed that they met when the boxer was already famous, given his background. Particular information about their wedding ceremony is not revealed to the media to preserve its sanctity.

From there on, the couple lived a very private life with their children. Furthermore, it is vital for them to remain confidential about their personal information because of Shannon’s nature of work.

Their marriage is nowhere near any controversies as of this writing. They have managed to stay away from the limelight to avoid the said issues.

Who is Shannon Briggs’ wife?

Alana Wilson is most prominent for being Shannon Briggs’ wife. However, she is her person who is a stay-at-home mother who overlooks everything in their comfort zone.

She is the one who does not want any part of her husband’s spotlight. It has been draining to have a boxer spouse because his work revolves mostly around physical altercations, which could lead to death.

Furthermore, Shannon Briggs’ wife managed to keep everything at bay by supporting the boxer’s career and other ventures when he retired. It is not the easiest to have to raise kids that is why she is frequently commended for her hard work.

Shannon Briggs’ Kids.

Image of Alana Wilson with her kids
Alana Wilson with her kids

The assumed long-term marriage of Shannon and Alana has been admired by many because of their commitment to each other. There were reports claiming that they welcomed three beautiful children into this world.

However, they did not disclose any of their details to protect them from the prying eyes of the public. There was leaked information that one of their children’s names is Chan.

Because of the boxer’s nature of work, it was said that he brings along his family with him but not inside the venue where he will fight. He does not want his kids to witness his craft while they cannot grasp the idea of it.

The fans hope they will share a little bit about their family life. Nevertheless, they expressed that if they would be happy living privately, they would respect it.

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