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Sham Idrees is Married to Wife: Saher. Kids.

Image of Sham Idrees with his wife, Saher, and his youngest daughter, Sierra Idrees

Sham Idress is a social media influencer, YouTuber, composer, singer, artist, businessman, and record producer. He is of gorgeous descent from Canada.

He has been passionate about music since he was a kid. He pushed him to publish videos of him on YouTube back in 2012. His talent was recognized by scout agents because it gained traction on the said platform.

Some of his famous songs are Pyar Hoa, Dil Dil Pakistan, and Bolo Na. Not long after, he decided to widen the variety of his content by curating skits and uploading them on his channel.

According to sources, he studied in the United Kingdom during his secondary years, specifically at Orchard Park Secondary School. At the age of 16, the actor migrated to Canada, wherein he finished his collegiate studies at the University of Ontario.

The gorgeous looks and exemplary talent of the actor make people wonder if there is already a certain Sham Idrees’ wife who captured his heart. Find out by reading this Wikipedia-type article which includes his marriage, first wife, and kids.

Sham Idrees is Married to Saher

Image of Sham Idrees with his wife, Saher

Sham Idrees with his wife, Saher

As a multitalented artist, Sham Idrees’ wife is frequently looked up on the internet. His dating status is most likely open because of his job as a social media personality.

The title Sham Idrees’ wife is already taken by a lovely lady named Saher. She is famously known by the moniker Queen Froggy.

The origin of her nickname is yet to be identified as of this writing. Sham Idrees’ wife lives happily with the social media influencer by helping him create and upload content.

Many people are aware of their relationship because they usually post to each other on their respective social media accounts to appreciate one another. Furthermore, they have managed to keep some details private so they can still enjoy their personal lives.

Sham Idrees’ First Wife

It was not a secret that there was a woman who previously held the title of Sham Idrees’ wife. It was discovered to be a lovely lady named Jannat.

The former couple met in late 2010, which swept them off their feet, and they married soon after. It was a whirlwind, and as teens, they all wanted to be with each other.

Formerly known as Sham Idrees’ wife birthed a baby girl. Not long after, their marriage did not work for both of them due to an undisclosed reason.

Sham and Jannat separated and decided to co-parent their only daughter. It was not an easy set-up, but they still managed to provide the holistic needs of the child.

It is not yet known on what terms did they end up because both parties stayed silent with regards to their separation. Both are happy with their respective lives and family while being good parents to their daughters.

Sham Idrees’ Kids

Image of Sham Idrees with his wife, Saher, and his eldest daughter, Dua

Sham Idrees with his wife, Saher, and his eldest daughter, Dua

The good-looking and multitalented singer has two kids registered under his name. His first-born child is from his previous wife and one from the latter.

It was disclosed by the social media influencer that he has a daughter from his past, which was a short-lived marriage. He revealed his daughter, Dua, during her 10th birthday.

He mentioned that he was torn about whether to introduce his daughter to the world or keep her hidden because she is still a child. However, the reveal was with consent from the mother and the daughter. That is why he gave it a go.

Sham Idrees’ wife welcomed another baby girl into this world. Queen Froggy named her Sierra Idrees.

Like her parents and sister, she is also a famous personality as a baby. She already has a large following and audience on her Instagram account.

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