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Shabba Ranks is Married to Wife: Michelle Gordon. Kids

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Image of Shabba Ranks with his wife, Michelle Gordon

Rexton Rawiston Fernando Gordon, prominently known by the moniker Shabba Ranks, is a musician in the genre of dancehall who hailed from Jamaica. He rose to fame during the 1990s as one of the most prominent Jamaican music artists from around the globe.

During his career, he was able to produce three famous albums, namely Just Reality, X-tra Naked, and As Raw as Ever. He is also renowned for being Mr. Loverman alongside Ting-A-Ling whom the world is most familiar.

His birthdate was discovered on the 17th of January 1996 in St. Ann, Jamaica. Furthermore, he was nurtured in Seaview Gardens, Kingston.

The successful career of the music artist makes people wonder if there is a certain Shabba Ranks’ wife who got his back through ups and downs. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about him, including his marriage, controversies, and kids.

Shabba Ranks is Married to Michelle Gordon

Image of Shabba Ranks with his wife, Michelle Gordon

Shabba Ranks with his wife, Michelle Gordon

Because of being a prominent person, Shabba Ranks’ wife is frequently highlighted during press conferences attended by the artist. He does not shy away from the fact that he has been married to his wife since 1992.

The title of Shabba Ranks’ wife is already possessed by a lovely woman named Michelle Gordon. Details about their first encounter were unknown to the public as of this writing.

Furthermore, the specific date and location of their marriage were not disclosed by the couple to retain its sanctity. Nevertheless, it was discussed that it was attended by their immediate friends and family.

Followers of the Jamaican music artist are looking forward to the day when Shabba Ranks’ wife would reveal little details about herself. According to sources, she was the one who preferred to stay lowkey and leave all the spotlight to her husband because she did not live a public life.

Even though they are known to the public as couples, they managed to retain privacy for them to enjoy. It was not easy, but they had to be careful to avoid being the hot topics in controversies.

Shabba Ranks’ Controversies

The famous Jamaican musician was featured on a music show entitled The Word. As a guest, he was asked to give insights with regards to the song with the title Boom Bye Bye.

He made a statement that puts homosexuals on a pedestal. Right there and then, the host, Mark Lamarr, mentioned that his comment was shitty, and he must be aware of it.

Not long after, he faced the consequences of his actions because he was excluded from a Bobby Brown concert because of his remarks. His company, Sony Music, also gave him sanctions.

He was genuinely apologetic after his groundless remarks because they came out homophobic. He may be sorry, but people will most likely not forget what he said about the specific community.

Shabba Ranks’ Kids

The long-term marriage of the lovely couple has indeed been productive. According to reports, Shabba Ranks’ wife birthed two beautiful children of their own.

Specific details about their children were not revealed except their names which are Rexton Jr. and Jahwon. They kept their children out of the limelight to let them enjoy their youth.

As one of the most famous Jamaican artists, the family is frequently traveling the world, credits to the world tours of their father. Furthermore, they are usually seen during the shows of Shabba.

When the singer was asked whether he wants his son to follow his steps, he mentioned that it is up to them because they are their person. All he can do is be supportive of his wife.

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