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Serj Tankian is Married to Wife: Angela Madatyan. Kids.

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Image of Serj Tankian and Angela Madatyan with their daughter, Rumi Tankian Madatyan

Serj Tankian did not limit himself to doing things and ventured into political activism, record producing, songwriting, and being a lead vocalist in 1994 for the band System of a Down, specializing in playing heavy metal music.

The famous musician was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on August 21, 1967, and is now 54. As a solo artist, he has produced music like Imperfect Harmonies, Orca Symphony No. 1, Fuktronic, Elect the Dead, and Harakiri, which charmed many listeners.

With his success and recognition, Serj was given many opportunities to be a cast member in a few television programs and movies, including The Last Inhabitant in 2016, Furious in 2017, 1915 in 2016, and My Little Prince in 2012.  He is also famous for being a political activist and being one of the establishers of the nonprofit organization called Axis of Justice.

Many people have been wondering if he has time for his family since he does many things aside from making music and performing for people. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Serj Tankian’s wife, partner, love life, and children.

Serj Tankian has been Married to Wife, Angela Madatyan, since 2012

Image of Serj Tankian with his wife, Angela Madatyan
Serj Tankian with his wife, Angela Madatyan

Many people worldwide do not want to be involved with a politically active person as it can be dangerous to their lives. However, it is different for Serj Tankian’s wife as she chose to love the famous political activist despite being outspoken and fearless in expressing his political beliefs.

Serj Tankian’s wife is a stunning woman named Angela Madatyan. People admire her for keeping up with the famous musician’s schedule because many wives will sometimes not understand why their husband’s attention is not always on them. Moreover, the couple’s first few years of dating were not easy, but they resolved all the conflicts.

Serj and Angela dated for eight long years, and that is how long they wanted to ensure that they knew each other and had compatible personalities. After the couple had decided that they were meant for each other, Serj Tankian’s wife chose to exchange vows and rings with him.

On June 10, 2012, the pair finally tied the knot making their fans and family members happy with the special day. Moreover, the couple’s special day happened in Simi Valley, California, the United States.

However, it was a private ceremony, and the public was not allowed to take photos and videos of the event as it was set to private for a reason. Furthermore, the most important thing for the married couple is living a stable life and knowing how to handle issues calmly.

Angela Madatyan’s Biography

Serk Tankian’s wife is famous for being a talented hairstylist and overall stylist for other people. Perhaps the most exciting fact about Angela is that she has the exact birthdate as her husband.

She was born on August 21, 1983, and is now 38. She has been idolized and admired by many women of her age because of having a talented set of hands for designing and styling.

Angela is supportive of her husband’s decisions and bravely takes on the role of being a mother. She had loved Serj even before they married each other, which is why they found the courage to commit to each other officially.

Serj Tankian’s Kids

Image of Serj Tankian and Angela Madatyan with their daughter, Rumi Tankian Madatyan
Serj Tankian and Angela Madatyan with their daughter, Rumi Tankian Madatyan

With their love for each other, the couple gave birth to one adorable child. He is Rumi Tankian Madatyan.

Rumi was born on October 24, 2014, and is now 7. On October 23, 2015, Serj greeted his son with a happy birthday in an Instagram post.

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