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Sean McDermott is Married to Wife: Jamie McDermott. Kids.

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Image of Sean and Jamie McDermott with their kids

We have seen many individuals who rose to fame in the National Football League as players, but Sean McDermott is different as he is famous for being an outstanding coach. Sean Michael McDermott, also known as Sean McDermott, was hired by the Buffalo Bills to be their head coach in the tournament.

The famous American football coach was born in Omaha, Nebraska, the United States, on March 21, 1974, and is now 48. With his greatness in the sport, Sean has been part of numerous coach staffs of several teams in the National Football League.

These teams are the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills, and William & Mary. McDermott showed critical thinking, excellent analysis, and quick reaction to games, which is why he was a two-time National Football Conference champion.

The football coach has been a vital part of every team that he has been a part of but is Sean also a critical factor in his marriage with his wife? Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Sean McDermott’s wife, partner, love life, and children. 

Sean McDermott is Married to Wife, Jamie McDermott 

Image of Sean McDermott with his wife, Jamie McDermott
Sean McDermott with his wife, Jamie McDermott

Many intrigued fans have been posting on social media platforms about Sean McDermott’s wife, and they are asking if he is indeed married. We got you covered, so keep surfing this article because we will discuss the answer to that question.

Sean McDermott’s wife was in love with him for a long time, which hinted that the football coach was the perfect one for her. Indeed, building a romantic relationship out of friendship is still a highly recommended beginning of a relationship because you know each other pretty well.

Many people have admired the couple because of how strong they are. Many challenges and misunderstandings have intruded on the pair’s relationship, but they did not give up and fought for what they have.

Currently, they jive with everything, from insights to actual actions in the relationship. The pair also has the habit of helping people in this pandemic, and people know they have good hearts and are an excellent example to other citizens.

La Salle College High School became their starting point as friends, and later on, they turned into lovers after getting to know each other. Aside from the high school, Sean and Jamie both attended the College of William and Mary, earned their college degrees, and continued their love story.

The couple did not release any information regarding their special day’s exact date and venue. Our team will update this article once they have disclosed more details about the wedding. 

Jamie McDermott’s Biography

Netizens have labeled Sean McDermott’s wife as a beautiful and kind woman. Jamie was open in discussing social issues and is hands-on in ensuring that people get the help they need, whether food, diseases, or other conditions.

According to sources, she is around 40 years old and always loves to engage in charitable foundations to extend a helping hand to those who need it. Jamie knows the experience of having a food allergy, and the effects could always be extreme.

Her allergic reactions triggered her to raise awareness among citizens so they would know when to seek medical help. Moreover, Sean McDermott’s wife loves to visit young patients suffering from diseases and talk to them about life.

Jamies did not release any information regarding herself. We will update this article once we find more details about Sean McDermott’s wife. 

Sean McDermott’s Kids

Image of Sean and Jamie McDermott with their kids
Sean and Jamie McDermott with their kids

Having a strong love for each other made the pair realize that it was time to expand their family. The couple gave birth to three children named Madeline McDermott, Gavin McDermott, and Kelly McDermott.

Jamie and Sean show how they appreciate their children on social media platforms and media outlets. Madeline was born in 2009, Gavin in 2011, and Kelly in 2015.

If you wonder why the couple is eager to raise awareness about food allergies, this is because Madeline and Kevin have allergies. Gavin has an allergy to sesame and Madeline to tree nuts which caused her to bring an EpiPen around because unexpected things might happen.

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