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Sean Evans is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Natasha Martinez

Image of Sean Evans with his wife, Natasha Martinez

If you’ve heard of the tagline “The show with hot questions, and even hotter wings, “ then you know the web series Hot Ones, hosted by one and only Sean Evans. He is known for the YouTube fan-favorite show Hot Ones, where they interview the most prominent figures in Hollywood and Music while eating some spicy hot wings.

The show’s format is a very simplistic and linear type of interview, with several fun little twists that they add to make the show a lot more unique and appeal to many viewers and fans. The real catch of the talk show is that while the guests are being asked deep questions about their lives, they are eating increasingly hot chicken wings.

This premise caught the attention of many YouTube fans and granted the show the opportunity to invite more extensive and notable celebrities over time. As of this article’s writing, the show already has 18 seasons and 255 episodes, with stars such as Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Kevin Hart, and the most popular one being the interview with Gordon Ramsay.

Because of his approachable and amiable demeanor towards guests, Sean is regarded as one of the most talented and influential interviewers and talk show hosts in recent memory. Moreover, the show’s popularity also gave birth to another show named Cold Ones, where guests are prompted to drink alcohol while talking to the hosts and answering their questions.

Is Hot Ones host and interviewer Sean Evans Married? Is he dating somebody?

Sean Evans is not Married to Wife. Dating girlfriend: Natasha Martinez

Image of Sean Evans with his wife, Natasha Martinez
Sean Evans with his wife, Natasha Martinez

With the appeal and general statute of the talk show host, you would think that he is already married, and Sean Evans’ Wife is already a thing; well, we hate to break it to you, but it isn’t. However, Sean Evans’ wife might have a name in the form and identity of no other than the beautiful television host and social media personality, Natasha Martinez.

While other couples are known for being over-the-top expressive of their love towards their partners, the couple hosts are going quite the opposite direction of what is expected of them. Their relationship started going public when Mr. Evans posted a picture of them in what seemed to be a restaurant or a bar.

Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation from both parties whether or not they see each other, but the photos of them together at events can be considered sufficient evidence.

Natasha Martinez’ Biography

As mentioned, she is a TV host known for her work as the anchor of Complex News, a showbiz news outlet mainly present on social media platforms. But, this is not the only place she is known because before her work as a journalist, she competed as Miss California USA and even became a Los Angeles Lakers Girl.

However, for those doubting her experience in journalism, let us tell you that she graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Sean Evans’ Previous Relationships

Since Sean Evans’ wife is still out of the picture, let us look at the dating history he had before the show. Unfortunately, little is known about his love life regardless of how the Hot One’s host often talks about his guests’ lives.

It is believed that his first and only girlfriend so far is no other than Natasha Martinez, and as fans, we all hope their love flourishes and they last together.

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