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Scott Stapp is Married to Wife: Jaclyn Stapp. Kids.

Image of Scott Stapp with his wife, Jaclyn Stapp

Anthony Scott Flippen, famously known as Scott Stapp, is a singer-songwriter and was the previous lead singer of the American rock band Creed. He was born on the 8th of August of the year 1973.

Because of his overflowing passion for music, Scott decided to form a band in 1994, along with his former schoolmate Mark Tremonti. Later on,  Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips joined the band to play the bass and drums.

The band released multiple albums throughout its career and has traveled all around the world to perform in front of its fans. However, a controversial concert caused the band to break up. The Creed officially announced its disbandment in 2004. 

After the band’s breakup, Scott released multiple songs of his own and even had his solo debut in 2005. In 2006, was ranked 68th place by Hit Parader as the most outstanding heavy metal vocalist. 

Is Scott Stapp married? Learn more about his personal life, relationships, and career in the article below.

Scott Stapp has been Married to Wife: Jaclyn Stapp, since 2006

Image of Scott Stapp with his wife, Jaclyn Stapp
Scott Stapp with his wife, Jaclyn Stapp

Scott Stapp’s wife is the beauty queen and actress Jacyln Stapp. The couple got married on February 11, 2006, and have faced every problem together since.

In November 2014, Scott Stapp’s wife filed a divorce against him after encountering a conflict in their relationship. However, the couple recovered their relationship in 2015 after appearing on the show “Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn.

Scott Stapp had encountered problems on his own, especially with his mental health. He credited his wife for helping him overcome all the obstacles in his life.

Currently, Scott and Jaclyn are happily married with their children.

Jaclyn Stapp’s Biography

Jaclyn Nesheiwat Stapp, a known beauty queen and actress, was born on the 29th of July 1980. Jacyln revealed that she has been joining beauty pageants since her teenage years.

Some of her memorable titles are Ms. New York USA back in 2004 and Mrs. Florida America back in 2008. As an actress, she appeared on some episodes of famous television series and sitcoms like “Full House,” “Second Noah,” and “Sex and the City.”

Scott Stapp’s Past Relationship

In 1997, Scott Stapp was previously married to Hillaree Burns but eventually filed a divorce in 1998. During their 16 months of marriage, they had a child named Jagger Stapp. 

Even after their separation, Scott maintained a good connection with his son. He received full custody and has supported him ever since.

Jagger showed support for Scott Stapp’s current wife by becoming his best man during their wedding.

Scott Stapp’s Kids

Image of Scott Stapp with his wife, Jaclyn Stapp, and their kids
Scott Stapp with his wife, Jaclyn Stapp, and their kids

In 1998, Scott Stapp’s former wife, Hillaree Burns, had given birth to his first son named Jagger Stapp. Following his father’s footsteps, Jagger is also into music and has posted his tracks on his Soundcloud.

Scott currently has two sons and one daughter with her wife, Jaclyn Stapp. The happy couple has been posting pictures on their social media accounts and their children– Milan, Daniel, and Anthony.

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