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Scott Avett is Married to Wife: Sarah Avett. Kids

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Image of Scott Avett lead Singer of the band The Avett Brothers

The folk-rock band, The Avett Brothers, was founded by its lead singer, Scott Yancey Avett. He plays multi-instruments from harmonica to electric guitars and is based in Concord, North Carolina. 

The Second Gleam, their album, debuted at number 10 on’s Top Independent Albums Chart in 2008. Avett is a talented printmaker and artist.

His work has been shown at the North Carolina Museum of Art and the Envoy Gallery in New York City. The singer is currently joyously married to a wife named Sarah Avett.

Their marriage took place in 2003, and they will be celebrating their 18th year of marriage this year. Are you curious about Scott Avett’s wife, controversies, and kids?

Continue reading to find out more about him. 

How Scott Avett Met His Wife: Sarah Avett

Image of Scott Avett with his wife Sarah Avett
Scott Avett with his wife Sarah Avett

Scott Avett has been married to his wife Sarah for almost two decades. Since their marriage, the couple made sure to exert an effort to keep the fire of their love burning. 

The story of their encounter is like a tale straight from the books. Their love story started when Scott met his now-wife, Sarah while playing on Carolina’s Greenville street. 

In an interview, the folk-rock band’s lead singer once mentioned that his then-girlfriend used to live across the street near him. According to reports, their love story began because of music.

Through music, they are keeping their marriage strong. 

Sarah Avett’s Biography

Image of Sarah Avett wife of The Lead Vocalist of the Band The Avett Brothers
Sarah Avett wife of The Lead Vocalist of the Band The Avett Brothers

Unfortunately, information about Scott Avett’s wife is not published online. Nevertheless, her age is known to be around 35-40 years old based on the photos she shared online with her husband. 

She has been living privately even before her marriage. Scott makes sure to respect his wife’s preference in terms of privacy. 

Rumors and Controversies

The multi-instrumentalist once had a rumor about him and his wife’s separation. Rumors circulated online because his brother, Seth Avett, is a divorced man. 

Scott Avett’s wife, living a private life, did not disclose any statement about the rumor. It is not avoidable to have rumors when living in the spotlight. 

Scott Avett’s Kids

In their almost 2 decades of marriage, the lovely couple was blessed with two beautiful children. In 2008, they bore their first child.

 Details about their daughter are not disclosed to the public but Scott expressed his joy through an originally-composed song entitled “A Father’s First Spring.” Not long after, they had their second child; a son.

Scott Avett and his wife candidly post about their son’s interest in painting and how proud they are of him working on a canvas. Their son inherited his art talent from his father.

Not known to the public, the multi-instrumentalist enhanced his craft as an accomplished painter in East Carolina University. 

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