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Samoa Joe is Married to Wife: Jessica Seanoa. Kids.

Image of Samoa Joe with his wife, Jessica Seanoa

Samoa Joe’s birth name is Nuufolau Joel Seanoa, born on March 17, 1979, at Orange County in California. He spent his childhood in Hawaii. Although his parents explored the field of dance and created the dance crew called Tiare Productions, he had an early discovery of pursuing wrestling at a young age. 

 When Joe was five, he made his debut at the Summer Olympics in 1984. Since he had an ideal physique for his career in wrestling, it was not unusual for him to be joining contests. He was a Judo player in his earlier years before working for All Elite Wrestling.

 Showing potential in martial arts, he had become champion of the California State Junior Judo, had also shown interest in other sports like football, and even joined his high school’s football team at the Ocean View High School.

Before becoming a professional wrestler, he had quite a detour by working as a mortgage broker before finally going wrestling. 

In the early years of his career, he traveled to Japan to fight in tournaments, including the annual Burning Heart pay-per-views tournaments. A year after competing in Japan, he returned to the United States and started his wrestling career in 2002. 

Eventually, Samoa Joe made it big, signed a contract with WWE in 2015, and made his first appearance in NXT. He immediately showed his incredible power in World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. by being the only two-time NXT Champion holder and one of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic winners alongside Finn Balor.

Is Samoa Joe Married? We will find out about his personal life, career, and romance in this article.

Samoa Joe has been Married to Wife, Jessica Seanoa, since 2007

Image of  Samoa Joe with his wife, Jessica Seanoa
Samoa Joe with his wife, Jessica Seanoa

The power couple had been married for fifteen years since 2007. Samoa Joe’s wife, Jessica Seanoa, is a wrestler; the couple met during the TNA world championship; we can say that they met through their chosen career, for Samoa Joe’s wife had worked in the same industry. 

The couple kept a private life and undisclosed their relationship from the public. We will try to keep you updated as soon as possible once there is news regarding the marriage life of the couple.

 Jessica Seanoa’s Biography

Although Samoa Joe’s wife had been private about her romantic life, she was seen to be very supportive of her husband who works in the same field. Samoa Joe’s wife prefers to keep silent about her career in wrestling and information about her birthday, siblings, family background and romance.

We will keep you updated about the current news regarding Jessica Seanoa’s personal life.

Samoa Joe’s Kids

The couple has not been blessed with a child as of current. During their fifteen years of marriage, the couple kept silent regarding family-making.

Although it will be difficult to tell when the couple decides when they are ready for a child, time will mean for the two. In the meantime, we assure you that you will be informed about the latest news regarding the couple’s marriage life.

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