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Is Sami Zayn Married to a Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Sami Zayn born Laval Canada

Sami Zayn is a professional wrestler who has been in the industry since 2002. He currently performs and fights in the challenging and stacked WWE.

Rami Sebei was born on July 12, 1984. He is a Canadian that has Syrian ancestry.

Since his youth, Sami already had an interest in wrestling. It is said that he would play with his friends while imitating wrestling personalities in the streets of Laval, Canada.

Before his debut in WWE, Sami wore a mask during his time in the Ring of Honor. He performed under the name El Generico and went on to fight with a Mexican-themed outfit and fighting style.

He fought in many other leagues, such as Dragon Gate and DDT Pro-wrestling. Before his eventual signing with WWE, his last stint was at the Evolve wrestling promotions.

After this, he was acquired by the WWE. He made his WWE debut on February 13, 2013, where he went on to fight at the NXT WWE development promotions.

His fighting debut was held on March 7, 2013. He battled against Curt Hawkins in a nerve-racking opening match and an underdog win against the famous Antonio Cesaro.

With the rising career of the famous wrestler, does he have time to have a partner? We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding Sami Zayn’s wife.

How Sami Zayn Met His Wife

Image of Sami Zayn a Canadian Professional Wrestler
Sami Zayn, a Canadian Professional Wrestler

The wrestler has been in the spotlight for a lot of years now. He has talked about much wrestling-related stuff but has kept quiet about his private life.

Sami is a Muslim man. According to him, he must remain somewhat anonymous on his social media accounts.

Despite this, it is confirmed that Sami is currently married. His wife’s name is Deeja.

The couple has kept a shallow key profile. They live a private life away from controversies.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the couple’s relationship or Sami Zayn’s wife. We will update this once information about them is revealed.

Sami Zayn’s Kids

According to sources, Sami Zayn’s wife and himself are said to have a daughter. He didn’t reveal any specifics or information about his daughter since he didn’t want his family to be bothered by the media.

But the wrestler said in a podcast with Chris Jericho that he and his family are living quietly and peacefully. Zayn’s fans respect the wrestler’s decision and hope that the family will have a prosperous life in the future.

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