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Sam Jay is Married to Wife: Yanise Monét. Kids.

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Image of Sam Jay with her wife, Yanise Monet

Samaria Johnson, famously known as Sam Jay, is a writer and a stand-up comedian from the United States. Her most prominent work as a writer is Saturday Night Live, which premiered in 2017 and is still playing as of this writing. 

She is also known for her Netflix Originals 3 in the morning. In addition, she co-created and played a role in HBO’s PAUSE with Sam Jay. 

The writer was born Samaria Johnson on the 13th of January 1982. Although she was delivered in Atlanta, Georgia, she was nurtured in Boston Dorchester. 

She attempted to study communications but dropped out because it was not in her interest. However, it is very useful in her field of work as a comedian and a writer. 

Are you curious about Sam Jay’s wife, marriage, and kids? Continue reading to find out more about her. 

How Sam Jay met her Wife: Yanise Monet

Image of Sam Jay with her wife, Yanise Monet
Sam Jay with her wife, Yanise Monet

The stand-up comedian and her wife, Yanise, were best friends. She realizes how important Yanise is to her life, thus deciding to pursue her and ask her to be her wife so that they could be together forever. 

Sam Jay and her wife had their first encounter in Atlanta through a familiar friend. Something between them sparked, and they proceeded to date each other. 

As best friends, they are knowledgeable of each other’s past relationships. Nevertheless, they have been fantastic about it since they have been treating each other as a family member ever since. 

They first settled in Los Angeles but relocated to New York City. After their settlement, the writer got the job at Saturday Night Live, where she won two nominations for the Emmy Award.

Their close bond helped the comedian a lot in terms of material. Some find it offensive, but according to Sam Jay’s wife, it’s nothing personal, and it’s okay. 

About Yanise Monet: Sam Jay’s Wife

Aside from being Sam Jay’s wife, Yanise is an interior designer. She is the one who established Vanity Interiors, a firm based in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. 

They create all sorts of designs from furniture, textiles, and home decorations. Sam Jay’s spouse is prominent in her field of work and has designed several masterpieces. 

Rumors and Controversies

According to rumors, the writer has already divorced her wife, Yanise. Nevertheless, the rumor was not confirmed. 

The comedian’s joke is the one to blame in rumors like this. She is constantly making jokes about her experience as Yanise’s wife in her show, 3 in the morning.

The good news is that she discussed the process of going through a same-sex divorce on her album, which is terrific news for anyone who wants the inside scoop.

Sam Jay and Yanise’s Kids

Given the couple’s sexuality, they do not have any children as of this writing. According to reports, the couple is not planning to have a child shortly. 

Currently, they are living together joyously and thriving in their careers. 

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