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Sam Acho is Married to Wife: Ngozi Ebichi. 3 Kids

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Image of Sam Acho an American-Nigerian ESPN Sports Analyst and an NFL Veteran for 9 years

Samuel Onyedikachi Acho, prominently known as Sam Acho, is a former player in National Football League, an author, a sports analyst, and the NFL Players Association’s vice president. Well-known teams, Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals, had Acho play for them like a linebacker.

Dallas, Texas, is where he was born. Sam was a consistent honor student during his high school years at St. Mark’s School of Texas, and it is also where he graduated.

He is titled the best in a 12-pound shot put, and no one has surpassed him as of 2018. He has continued to excel in both sports and academics during his tertiary days.

He played football for the University of Texas as his secondary football career continuum. Are you curious about Sam Acho’s wife and kids? Continue reading to find out more. 

Sam Acho married to wife: Ngozi Ebichi   

Image of the NFL Veteran with his wife Ngozi Ebichi
NFL Veteran with his wife Ngozi Ebichi

Being one of the best players in the NFL, Sam’s relationship status is always asked of him during interviews and the like. Currently, Acho is married to his long-term girlfriend.

Sam Acho’s wife is a beautiful woman named Ngozo Ebichi Acho. The lovely couple married in March 2014.

The football player frequently travels to Nigeria to aid the families with poor living conditions, and there is where he met the love of his life.

Sam Acho’s wife, Ngozi, has been associated with Acho’s family for a long time because she was taking care of the author’s grandmother, and she is also a member of Sam’s father’s ministry.

Sam Acho’s wife is a woman of substance, and his husband is elated to share how amazing she is. He once mentioned that they are both comfortable not using air-conditioning, but Sam growing up in the United States, is quickly uncomfortable with the prickling heat.

While his wife does not mind since she has worked for the Nigerians for a long time, and the heat, there is unbearable for those who are not used to it.

Who is Ngozi Ebichi?

Image of Ngozi Ebichi wife of Sam Acho
Ngozi Ebichi wife of Sam Acho

The wife of Sam Acho is originally from Africa and specializes in comic and novel writing. The comic books, Chirp Book and Stick and Scones, are her works, and she is well-known for her illustrations and tales.

She was born and raised in New York in an American-African household. She is an independent woman supporting herself, her family, and her career in novel writing. 

Sam Acho’s Kids       

Image of the ESPN Analyst and NFL Veteran with his wife and kids
ESPN Analyst and NFL Veteran with his wife and kids

Sam Acho’s wife birthed three beautiful children, and they bring them around the world to see the beauty of it. Details about their kids are not disclosed to the public as they want them to live away from the limelight.

However, the family members are usually seen traveling around to different places.

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