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Salvador Perez is Married to Wife: Maria Gabriela. Kids

Image of Salvador Perez with his wife, Maria Gabriela

Salvador Johan Perez Dian is a baseball catcher who hailed from Venezuela and the United States of America. Presently, he is signed under the team Kansas City Royals, which is also under the Major Baseball League.

His birthdate was discovered on the 10th of May in the year 1990 in Valencia, Carabobo, located in Venezuela. The athlete’s mother single-handedly raised him because their father deserted them when he was still young.

As a child, he was taught the importance of hard work and family. The professional baseball catcher started playing the said sport to keep him occupied while his mother was trying to make ends meet.

What previously was considered a hobby turned into a passion that helped the athlete to alleviate their financial struggles. He is now considered one of the best catchers in the field of baseball.

With the fantastic story and career of the baseball catcher, people wonder if there is a certain Salvador Perez’s wife who shares losses and victories with him. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his marriage and kids.

Salvador Perez is Married to Maria Gabriela

Image of Salvador Perez with his wife, Maria Gabriela
Salvador Perez with his wife, Maria Gabriela

As a successful professional player, Salvador Perez’s wife is frequently asked of him during interviews. He never hesitates to tell the world about his wife because she has been there even before his rise to stardom.

The title of Salvador Perez’s wife is possessed by a beautiful woman named Maria Gabriela. The specific details with regards to their first encounter were not published to the media.

Moreover, they exchanged vows on the 13th of December in 2018. Further information with regards to their unification was not publicized, but it was discovered to be attended by their immediate friends and families.

According to Perez himself, it is never easy to be a professional athlete because it takes a lot of his time. However, if given a chance, he would indeed retake the path because of his family, especially Salvador Perez’s wife and kids.

The marriage of the couple is nowhere near controversial because they managed to keep details about their personal life private. According to Salvador Perez’s wife, she prefers to stay away from the limelight. It is not easy to be placed in a lousy picture because it will be on the internet forever.

Furthermore, they are being extra careful because they already have three kids they want to grow up as normal as possible. It is not easy to live in the limelight as children because they cannot grasp the whole situation, which might be vital to their growth.

Salvador Perez’s Kids

Image of Salvador Perez with his kids
Salvador Perez with his kids

The beautiful marriage of the couple truly amazed a lot of people because of its dynamics. According to reports, Salvador Perez’s wife birthed three beautiful children.

His first two children are boys who are named Salvador Jr. and Johan. Both boys are delivered into this world while Maria is still Salvador Perez’s girlfriend.

Their daughter, Paulina, is the only child born into their marriage. However, it is not much of an issue because they are all equally loved by their proud parents.

Because of their father’s nature of work, they are usually hidden from the public eye because of the rivalry between the supporters, who typically go out of their way and attack the families of the

players. As long as they are kids, they would be living a private life to protect themselves from the prying eyes of their rivals.

However, Salvador Perez’s wife stated that once they are grown-ups, it is already their decision whether they would live a public life or otherwise. Together with her husband, they will do their best to support their child’s passion and liking.

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