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Ryan Reaves is Married to Wife: Alanna Forsyth. Kids.

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Image of Ryan Reaves with his wife, Alanna Forsyth

Ryan Reaves is a Canadian ice hockey player who now plays as a right-winger for the NHL’s New York Rangers. He was a member of the St. Louis Blues, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Vegas Golden Knights, among other teams.

Reaves began playing hockey when he was five years old and football when he was eight. He also grew up playing both football and hockey, but he had to stop playing football after ripping his PCL during a hockey competition.

This ice hockey player is now happily married to his wife named, Alanna Forsyth. The couple was married last August 2014, and the wedding and reception were held in Fairmont, Winnipeg.

Suppose you want to know more about their relationship. Read this Wikipedia-type article about Ryan Reaves’ wife.

Ryan Reaves is married to his wife: Alanna Forsyth.


Sometimes it is nice to watch some sports live, especially ice hockey. There are assumptions that the couple met where Ryan Reaves is playing while Alanna Forsyth is watching.

However, these are just assumptions. Unfortunately, The Ryan Reaves’ wife did not disclose the information about how they met each other yet.

Rest assured that this section will be updated once the data is published and more information about Ryan Reaves’ wife is reported.

About Alanna Forsyth, Ryan Reaves’ wife

Her father, mother, and birthdate are all kept under wraps. Forsyth is Caucasian in descent.

When she married the player, she began a family. Alanna studied interior decorating at Conestoga College, so it’s no surprise.

Moreover, Ryan Reaves’ wife also has previous work experience at Home Outfitters. Alanna also worked at Walmart’s pharmacy for a while.

She recalls Ryan choosing Alanna’s favorite colors for their summer wedding on their wedding day.

Rumors and Controversies about the Couple

There were no reported rumors about the couple. All rumors and controversies available were from the news about Ryan Reaves’s sports.

There are reports that the player has been at his best performance this year. Maybe his wife influenced his character, and he did his best in the games.

Ryan Reaves’s Kids


The couple was blessed with two children; a daughter and a son. Ryan Reaves’ wife named their son Kane, the eldest child, and their daughter Kamilla, born in February.

At T-Mobile Arena, Reaves was seen flaunting his delicate hands. He wasn’t practicing his puck-handling abilities; instead, he brought his daughter Kamilla out for one of her first skates.

With the summer months rapidly approaching, Reaves will be able to combine two of his favorite things: hockey and spending time with his father.

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