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Ryan Hansen is Married to Wife: Amy Russel. Kids

Image of Ryan Hansen with his wife, Amy Russell

Ryan Hansen is a businessman, artist, and standup comedian who hails from the United States of America. Most of his famous works are Veronica Mars, Party Down, Friday the 13th, Broke Girls, and Burning Love.

The specific birthdate of the actor is not published for the public’s knowledge. Nonetheless, it was known that his birthplace and hometown are located in Fountain Valley, California.

The actor climbed his way up to achieve who he is today, but a lot of people are wondering if there is a certain Ryan Hansen’s wife who assists him during his worst days. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his marriage and kids.

Ryan Hansen is Married to Amy Russel

Image of Ryan Hansen with his wife, Amy Russell
Ryan Hansen with his wife, Amy Russell

With the entrepreneur’s success, Ryan Hansen’s wife is frequently asked of him during interviews. It is not a secret that the title of Ryan Hansen’s wife is already taken by a lovely lady named Amy Russel.

The couple has been together for a long time already. Luckily, they decided to tie the knot on the 12th of June in the year 2004.

Their love for each other did not decline despite its longevity. Instead, people are amazed at how head over heels they are of each other as the years go by.

The comedian never fails to appreciate the lady who owns the title of Ryan Hansen’s wife because of her utmost understanding and support in line with his profession. He said that his job is not the easiest, which is why it is vital to have someone understand what the terms are of being in the industry.

The couple’s marriage is fortunately not subject to controversies because they were able to keep personal problems under wraps. People look up to their marriage because they look so chill and in love.

Who is Amy Russel?

She is most famous for being Ryan Hansen’s wife, whose details are not publicly available. Amy’s number one admirer is her husband for being a superhuman who manages their home and relationship.

It was discovered that Ryan Hansen’s wife was offered several projects with the actor, but she declined because she did not want to be placed in the limelight.

The couple usually goes out with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, Bell’s husband. It was confirmed when the celebrities posted a picture of their well-deserved vacation sometime in 2019.

The closeness of Ryan Hansen’s wife is truly unquestionable. It was declared by Kristen that Amy was the only one who witnessed her civil wedding in 2013.

Furthermore, Amy is the brother of a philanthropist named Jason Russell, who established Invisible Children. The aim of the foundation is to amplify youth activism around the world because they believe that they hold the most powerful voices in the world.

Specific details regarding Ryan Hansen’s wife were not yet disclosed to the public. We will update this Wikipedia-type article once information about her is available.

Ryan Hansen’s Kids

Image of Ryan Hansen with his wife, Amy Russell, and their kids
Ryan Hansen with his wife, Amy Russell, and their kids

The marriage of the couple has been productive since the day they exchanged vows. It was discovered that their marriage bore three exceptional children into this world.

Hansen is most protective of his family because they have three beautiful daughters. Details of their kids were not disclosed to the public to protect their childhood.

Their family is often seen traveling around before the pandemic. After the series of lockdowns, the wonderful family was quick to enjoy the restriction-free travels on the coast of California.

Fortunately, their daughters are enrolled in online classes, which is why they did not miss a day in school while traveling. Presently, they are still traveling to different places to let their children witness the beauty of the world.

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