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Rutledge Wood is Married to Wife: Rachel Mucklow. Kids

Image of Rutledge Wood with his daughters, Elsie, Millie, and Hattie Wood

Rutledge Wood is a television personality, a host, and a sports analyst in the field of auto racing. Currently, he is the one who presents the Netflix shows with the titles The American Barbecue Showdown and Floor is Lava.

Being a well-known host, he had been the master of ceremonies of famous car racing events. Some of them are NASCAR Trackside, Long Beach Toyota Celebrity Race, and Speed Road Tour.

As one of the most persons in the event, Rutledge is known for pulling off glasses with a thick horn rim. It has been his signature look whenever he hosts an event.

Due to the dedication of the television host to his craft, people wonder if he does the same to Rutledge Wood’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his marriage and kids.

Rutledge Wood is Married to Rachel Mucklow.

Image of Rutledge Wood with his wife, Rachel Mucklow
Rutledge Wood with his wife, Rachel Mucklow

People are curious if the career path of the host is as effective as a certain Rutledge Wood’s wife. Being a famous figure, it is important for him to manage his time accordingly to attend to the important events of his life.

According to sources, the famous television personality was already married to a wife a long time ago. The title of Rutledge Wood’s wife is already held by a lovely lady named Rachel Mucklow.

The couple once posted about their anniversary, which allegedly occurred sometime in October. Nevertheless, details regarding their unification were not disclosed for the public’s knowledge.

Rutledge Wood’s wife never fails to feel appreciated because the host always makes sure to express his appreciation and gratitude towards her. She is the one who primarily attends to the needs of their family because Rutledge is busy working hard to sustain what they built.

Who is Rachel Mucklow?

Rachel is most famous for being Rutledge Wood’s wife. However, it was discovered that she has her own thing, which is managing her own business with the name Mucklow’s Fine Jewelry, which offers jewelry and watches.

She is often commended by co-workers for her good work ethic. She is one of the best bosses, as observed from her employees’ appreciation posts.

Being Rutledge Wood’s wife, she has to sacrifice a lot of things because of her husband’s field of work. Nonetheless, she has proved that she can do many things at once by juggling her time with work and family.

Rutledge Wood’s Kids

Image of Rutledge Wood with his daughters, Elsie, Millie, and Hattie Wood
Rutledge Wood with his daughters, Elsie, Millie, and Hattie Wood

The couple had long and fruitful years of marriage. According to sources, they are a beautiful family of five with three wonderful daughters.

Rutledge Wood’s wife, Rachel, birthed her eldest daughter on the 3rd of June in 2008. On the event of her birthday, she is usually thanked by her father for being the first one to let them experience parenthood.

Their eldest is named Elsie Wood. One of the core memories of Elsie is making a video attempting to address Taylor Swift to go and visit them at their school.

Being a man of influence, Rutledge reposted it on his Facebook page, hoping that it would reach Taylor. However, it was also ineffective because of the music artist’s busy schedule.

Their second-born child is named Millie. She was born in 2011, specifically on the 28th of September.

She is the one which showcases a lot of talents because she once baked a cake for her youngest sister, Hattie. It was a confetti cake designed for the current interest of their baby girl.

Their youngest daughter is named Hattie Rutledge. She was born on the 22nd of February in the year 2014.

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