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Roy Wood Jr. is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Salone Monet. Kids.

Image of Roy Wood Jr. with his partner, Salone Monet

American actor and comedian Roy Wood Jr. were born on December 11, 1978, in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. Since 2015, he has been a correspondent for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

His father, Roy Wood Sr., was a radio journalist and broadcasting pioneer from Birmingham, Alabama, who, among other things, documented the Soweto revolt, the Rhodesian Bush War, the bigotry experienced by African-American soldiers in the Vietnam War, and the civil rights movement.

His mother is a college administrator named Joyce Dugan Wood. Sam Wood, his paternal three-time great-grandfather, was born in. Africa in 1790. Wood spent some time living with his mother in Memphis, Tennessee when his parents temporarily split.

His family relocated to Birmingham when Wood was in the second grade and settled on South Park Road in the city’s West End district. Roy L. Wood, a news anchor, is his half-brother.

Wood studied at Center Street Middle School after Central Park Elementary. In 1996, he earned his high school diploma from Ramsay.

He graduated in 2001 from Florida A&M University in B.S. broadcast journalism. The Hollywood Reporter labeled Roy “A Standout,” and Entertainment Weekly referred to his kind of thought-provoking humor as “charismatic crankiness.”

Roy is currently a correspondent on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.” He was named one of the 10 Comics to Watch by Variety magazine in 2016.

Keep reading to learn about Roy Wood Jr.’s wife and his marriage!

Roy Wood Jr. is not Married to a Wife. Dating a girlfriend: Salone Monet

Image of Roy Wood Jr. with his partner, Salone Monet
Roy Wood Jr. with his partner, Salone Monet

Roy Wood Jr.’s girlfriend is Salone Monet. They have been together for about seven years now.

According to their interview on “The Wendy William’s Show,” Roy used to cook for Salone when they first started dating. Roy then added that they met in Nashville because he needed a publicist that evening, and Salone was the person who would substitute the role of Roy’s publicist for that night as he was performing at a free comedy event there.

Salone Monet’s Biography

American shoe designer Monet is well-known for her Salone Monet Shoes. The estimated age of Salone Monet is thirty. Monet, born in Milwaukee and spent much of his childhood in the Midwest, is of American ancestry.

According to an interview she had with the Signature Bride site, her mom has always been supportive of her. Her mom encourages her to be expressive in personal styling.

She even recalled how her mom used to drive her to several malls and shops just to find the homecoming dress that would match the specific images she had in her mind. After that, her mom would add the ideal satin ribbon and a row of crystals to the dress to make it appear much more expensive.

Her mom embroidered the finishing touches in the car on her way to the dance.

Roy Wood Jr.’s Kids

Image of Roy Wood Jr. with his partner, Salone Monet, and their son, Harry Wood
Roy Wood Jr. with his partner, Salone Monet, and their son, Harry Wood

Despite not having exchanged vows yet, the couple welcomed their son as their first child in 2016, Henry Wood. Wood resides in Harlem with his partner Monet and their small boy.

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