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Roy Hibbert is Married to Wife: Valerie Cooke. Kids

Image of Roy Hibbert

Roy Denzil Hibbert was previously a basketball athlete who hailed from Jamaica alongside the United States. He earned several awards during his time, including NBA All-Star, and in 2014, he received an NBA All-Defensive Second Team.

Before getting out of the court, he previously played for Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, Charlotte Hornets, and, lastly, Denver Nuggets. Presently, he is a player development coach for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Like any other kid, he was exposed to different sports and hobbies such as tennis, golf, and piano. However, playing basketball is what sticks through for the athlete.

Before being a professional player of the said sport, he used to compete for his former academes and bring them honor. Additionally, he also played as one of the athletes on Jamaica’s national team.

The dedication of the previous professional player when it comes to basketball is genuinely notable. That is why people are wondering if it is the same when it comes to Roy Hibbert’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about his marriage, controversies, and kids.

Roy Hibbert is Married to Valerie Cooke

Image of Roy Hibbert
Roy Hibbert is a former Jamaican-American professional basketball player.

Supporters of the athlete and his team are actively following the dating interest of the players to get more updates regarding their personal lives. Having a prominent husband in basketball, Roy Hibbert’s wife is also in the spotlight.

It was discovered that Roy and his wife were dating for a long time before deciding to finally tie the knot. The couple was said to have their first encounter at Georgetown University, wherein they attained their respective collegiate degrees.

Hibbert proposed to his then-girlfriend in 2012, and the initial plan was to get married the following year. However, due to some circumstances, the unification did not occur as planned.

The specific date of their marriage is unknown, but it was declared that it occurred in September of 2014. The couple exchanged vows in Indiana, which were attended by people who made a valuable contributions to the duo’s lives.

Who Is Valerie Cooke?

She is famously regarded as Roy Hibbert’s wife, but she is more than the said title. She presently works as a project manager in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Additionally, Valerie is from the same university as the professional athlete who is Georgetown University. She graduated with a Marketing and International Business degree the same year as Roy.

More information regarding Roy Hibbert’s wife is not yet disclosed to the public. We will update this article once details are released about her.

Roy Hibbert’s Controversies

As a famous personality, it is inevitable to be dragged into controversies from time to time. Hibbert was not spared from the drama because it was alleged that his wife slept with Paul George.

According to sources, Roy Hibbert’s wife was accused of having an affair with George. The rumor surfaced in 2014, which affected both parties.

The fans observed that Paul’s playing skills declined because of the infidelity controversy. Roy Hibbert’s wife did not disclose anything about the said issue.

The rumor died when the involved player posted a photo of him and Hibbert, stating that the rumor was not true. Additionally, he placed #brothers at the end of his post to end the baseless speculations.

Roy Hibbert’s Kids

Image of Roy Hibbert and Valerie Cooke's kids
Roy Hibbert and Valerie Cooke’s kids

The long-term marriage of the lovely duo has been through a lot, but they still managed to be strong. According to sources, Roy Hibbert’s wife birthed two beautiful children into this world.

Nevertheless, the couple did not disclose anything with regards to their children to protect them from groundless speculations just like what they have been through. They added that their children’s growth and peace of mind is more important than anything else.

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