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Roy Choi is Married to Wife: Caroline Shin-Manguera. Kids

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Image of Roy Choi a Korean American Gourmet Chef

Roy Choi is a celebrity and a prominent Korean-American chef known for setting up the field for food trucks that serve gourmet dishes. On account of his contribution to the food business industry, he has appeared in several TV shows.

He has Asian ethnicity, born to Soo Myung Choi and Jai Nam Choi on February 24, 1970. He was born in South Korea but was raised in Southern California.

The show Essence of Emeril was why Roy got into the culinary field. In 1996, he enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America located in New York, where he was trained to be a good cook.

As a result of his expertise, he co-founded and established several restaurants in the United States. Are you curious about Roy Choi’s wife, Caroline Shin-Manguera, and kids? Continue reading to find out more.

Roy Choi Married to Wife: Caroline Shin-Manguera 

Image of Roy Choi the founder of Gourmet Food Truck Movement
Roy Choi, the founder of the Gourmet Food Truck Movement

The chef is currently married. Roy Choi’s wife is named Caroline Shin-Manguera. The lovely couple has been going out for a long time and decided to get married on the 23rd of April year 2011.

In April year 2020, Choi uploaded a picture of his family for the first time in his Instagram but did not reveal their faces. Details about their marriage are not available to the public since the chef chooses to put his private life away from the spotlight.

Who is Caroline Shin-Manguera?           

Caroline-Shin Manguera is known for being Roy Choi’s wife. Caroline is an American citizen, but she belongs to the Asian ethnicity. Together with her parents, she migrated to America when she was still a child.

She is currently helping his husband manage their businesses and take care of her daughter. Specific details about the wife of Roy Choi are not disclosed to the public.

Roy Choi’s Kids           

Image of Roy Choi with his daughter
Roy Choi with his daughter

Roy Choi and his wife has been married for over nine years. They have a daughter named Kaelyn Choi. Details about their daughter are not disclosed to the public but she is often seen on public with her father.

In 2019, Kaelyn and his father attended the debut of the movie Lion King. In 2020, the couple’s lovely daughter tried her luck as a Magazine content creator.

Her father is delighted with her child’s venture. Fans of Choi and his wife joyously expressed their happiness for the kid.

They stated that Kaelyn got his creativeness from his father. Another fan added that she got her father’s entrepreneur spirit.

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