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Ronnie Stanley is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Emily Kucharczyk. Kids.

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Image of Ronnie Stanley with his fiancée, Emily Kucharczyk

Ronnie Garrison Stanley “Ronnie” is an American football offensive tackle for the National Football League’s Baltimore Ravens (NFL). In 2016, the Ravens chose Stanley sixth overall in the first round of the NFL Draft, and Stanley was named to the Pro Bowl and first-team All-Pro team in 2019.

He was a member of the Notre Dame football team in college. It was a fantastic year for Stanley when he received those names and awards.

But nothing beats when he gets the answer of “Yes” to his long-time girlfriend, Emily Kucharczyk, when the football player proposes. The couple was engaged last 2021.

Let’s discover more about their relationship in this Wikipedia-type article.

How Ronnie Stanley and Emily Kucharczyk Met.

Image of Ronnie Stanley with his fiancée, Emily Kucharczyk
Ronnie Stanley with his fiancée, Emily Kucharczyk

In 2012, when Ronnie made his debut at Notre Dame, the following year, he met his soulmate, Emily. Since that year, Emily has been with the football player throughout his career.

During the Baltimore Raven’s selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, she was with Stanley. Stanley’s girlfriend supported him in his NFL career; she even moved to Baltimore and looked for a job there just not to be separated from the football player.

How sweet isn’t it? Emily posted a photo in February of 2014.

Stanley has her heart, and she captioned the photograph. Later on, Stanley used an emoji to describe his emotions in the same photo.

Kucharczyk shared the photo on June 7, 2021, stating that they were going to dinner in Los Angeles. Stanley, her lover, was acknowledged in the image using hashtags.

After those sweet moments together, the football player decided to do something that would change their lives. The pair announced their engagement on July 12, 2021.

Their supporters could see the event thanks to Kucharczyk’s Instagram post.

About Ronnie Stanley’s Girlfriend: Emily Kucharczyk

The American football player’s fiance, Emily Kucharczyk, is a Michigan native who works as a personal trainer. She is the oldest of three sisters and brothers.

In 2010, she attended Central Michigan University to study apparel and textiles. The following year, she enrolled at Michigan State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and kinesiology in 2015.

In 2015, she completed a summer internship with the State of Fitness, which aided her in establishing a career in the health and fitness industry. She is a Pilates instructor as well.

Rumors and Controversies

There are not many rumors, and controversies reported that might affect the couple’s relationship. However, Some reports rumored that Ronnie Stanley would not play for this year’s NFL.

He stated that he is focused more on his health first and the team’s long-term goals. He will support the players this year while recovering.

Ronnie Stanley’s Kids.

The couple and his fiance do not have any children yet since it was last year when the engagement happened. But rest assured that when they reveal their first-born child.

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