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Ronn Moss is Married to Wife: Devin DeVasquez.

Image of Ronn Moss with his wife, Devin DeVasquez

If you were born during the era when rock and roll was the norm in the music industry, then you may have heard of the Rock Group known as Player, with Ronn Moss being one of its members. During his time in the band, he serves as their singer and songwriter and has become iconic through the tunes he and his musical ensemble have produced over the years.

There is no doubt that the vocalist is one individual that has already cemented his name in the history of rock and roll and, quite possibly, the entire music world. However, his venture into the world of making music is not his only attempt to be a staple entertainer and part of the show business industry.

While most people remember him for being one of the members of Player, he’s also a renowned actor that played the character of Ridge Forrester in the hit drama The Bold and the Beautiful. If his name may be familiar to you, you may have stumbled on his drama series in which he portrayed the stunning role for over two decades, from 1987 until 2012.

At 70 years old, the songwriter does not seem to show any signs of weakness and deterioration throughout the years that he has worked in showbiz. Although, of course, the time has taken a toll on his physical body, it is definite that he still has a lot of years left on him, with people still listening to their songs after decades.

Curious about the romantic life of Ronn Moss? Read this article to know more about his relationships and his love story.

Ronn Moss has been married to his wife, Devin DeVasquez, since 2009

Image of Ronn Moss with his wife, Devin DeVasquez

Ronn Moss with his wife, Devin DeVasquez

When it comes to wooing beautiful girls, there is no other man out there like the legend himself; that’s why it’s no question that the singer has landed himself an excellent partner for life. Ronn Moss’ wife, Devin DeVasquez, is not your ordinary girl who shows up and seeks fame and fortune through her partner.

In her terms, Ronn Moss’ wife is known for being a fantastic model and even an actress during her prime in the 80s until the early 2000s. Because of that, without hesitation, the vocalist shot his shot, and the couple tied the knot in front of friends and family members in a private ceremony in 2009.

Ronn Moss’ Previous Relationships

As we have mentioned earlier, the singer-turned-actor is quite the player, from one wife to a rumored cheating allegation, and with his current partner, he sure is one heck of a flirt. Before

Ronn Moss’ wife Devin, he was once tied to the one and only Shari Shattuck, an actress that appeared in movies such as Point of Seduction and Screams at the Devil.

Unfortunately, rumors have slowly risen from the depths of the inner city that depicts the rockstar having an alleged affair with a fellow actress and movie star Hunter Tylo. Although it was never explicitly disclosed to the public, the couple decided that they should go their separate ways and file for a divorce in 2002.

Devin DeVasquez’s Biography

Many people became obsessed with Playboy Magazine, especially when the internet did not exist yet, and there were no other forms of entertainment. Well, if you were lucky to be one of the people to own a Playboy Copy during the 80s, you most definitely have seen Devin DeVasquez.

Before she broke into starring in movies and writing her own published books, she was once a Playboy model who was even featured to appear as playmate of the month in 1985. After her venture into the modeling world, she tried to be an actress and a writer, both of which were met with success and positive feedback.

Ronn Moss’ Kids

Image of Ronn Moss and Devin DeVasquez with his kids, Creason and Caleb Moss

Ronn Moss and Devin DeVasquez with his kids, Creason and Caleb Moss

While the couple is now enjoying the fruits of their labor, they also don’t need to worry about their children because, surprisingly, there are none. Although the vocalist does have two children: Creason and Caleb Moss, both are from his relationship with his ex-wife Shari.

The current lovers have not yet decided on whether or not they would want to have kids of their own soon.

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