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Is Ronen Rubinstein Married to Wife? Dating Rumors.

Image of Ronen Rubinstein

Actor, writer, director, environmental activist, and the lead singer of Nights in Stereo are all the jobs of the Israeli-American personality Ronen Rubinstein. He started his career at the ripe age of sixteen and continued to act, direct, and produce songs until now.

As he grew more and more popular, the reach of his advocacy proportionately increased, efficiently using his platform for activism. Since 2011, he has worked and been given projects non-stop, so in 2020, the Los Angeles magazine featured and included Ronen Rubenstein on the New Hollywood A-list; he is one of the top 10 young Hollywood’s notably exceptional new talents. 

He was well-known for portraying characters in popular movies like Tyler Kennedy “T.K.” Strand for 9-1-1 Lone Star in 2020, Nathan in Netflix’s most-watched original series titled Orange Is the New Black brought him to mainstream attention last 2015, and last year he recently joined the cast of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Stories.   

Is Ronen Rubenstein Married? Learn more about his personal life, past relationships, and dating rumors in the article below. 

Is Ronen Rubenstein Married to Wife?

Image of Ronen Rubinstein
Ronen Rubinstein is an Israeli-American actor, writer, and director. He is also an activist.

Ronen Rubenstein’s wife is yet to be named. Last April 2021, Ronen Rubenstein publicly came out as bisexual through an interview by Variety.

Like any other celebrity, Rubenstein did his best to keep a private personal life. The only information known to the public about this discourse is his previous relationship with the Canadian actress Jessica Parker Kennedy.

It was only last year, 2021, when they decided to reside together in Los Angeles, California, but things happened, and they’ve decided to end their almost one-year relationship this 2022. According to the records, Ronan might still be single, but he is not yet engaged or was engaged before.

Ronen Rubenstein’s wife will surely be lucky to have him as their partner. Once Ronen Rubenstein’s wife is revealed to the public, we will update this article for further announcements.      

Ronen Rubinstein’s Biography

Born on November 7, 1993, the Israeli-American actor will be turning 29 this year. Although raised in Rehovot, Israel, Ronen Rubenstein was rooted in the pride and tradition of the Jewish people. 

Since his parents were Russian Jewish immigrants who flew to Israel from Kazakhstan, Rubenstein’s family migrated again to Staten Island, New York City, when he was five. His father feared that the two children would serve in the Israeli army just like he did, although he is a dentist. 

During Ronen Rubenstein’s sophomore year of high school, his guidance counselor suggested that he should try theater. It was his first introduction to acting; he used it as a form of therapy to adjust and escape from the chaotic environment of his neighborhood.

He graduated from New Dorp High School and continued his interest and passion for acting. Ronen Rubenstein pursued his acting career and graduated from the prestigious New York Film Academy.  

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