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Roger Staubach is Married to Wife: Marianne Staubach. Kids.

Image of Roger Staubach with his wife, Marianne Staubach

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting a fanbase that is enough to be a country of its own, let us tell you one version of Captain America in football: Roger Staubach. Roger Thomas Staubach is known for his many aliases, such as Captain Comeback, Roger the Dodger, and Captain America.

He is a retired football player that is dubbed by many American football fans as one of the best quarterbacks that have set foot in the grassy fields of the National Football League. In 2022, he is already 80 years old and far from being able to go physical with the youngsters of today’s NFL, but back then, his physical capability caught the attention of the masses.

In the history of his professional career playing football, he has only played and stayed loyal to one team, and that one team is no other than the award-winning Dallas Cowboys. He became a part of the team and contributed to their 5 Super Bowl Appearances and 2 Super Bowl Victories against the Denver Broncos in 1978 and the Miami Dolphins in 1972.

However, before joining the best of the best in NFL, he served in the United States Naval Academy and even played as one of the Academy’s football team players. He was recently awarded the Medal of Freedom by former United States President Donald Trump, an award only given to four individuals in history.

Curious about the wife of former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Roger Staubach? Read this article to know more about him.

Roger Staubach has been Married to Wife Marianne Staubach since 1965

Image of Roger Staubach with his wife, Marianne Staubach
Roger Staubach with his wife, Marianne Staubach

There is no question that when it comes to appearance, money, fame, glory, and physique, the retired quarterback has it all; that’s why he got himself a partner that would also suffice. Roger Staubach’s wife is no other than the beautiful and loving Marianne Staubach, who has stayed by his side since their marriage in 1965.

In 2022, the couple is celebrating 57 years of a very loving and fruitful married life, something that the new couples of today wish they would also be blessed with. They have endured very different situations and problems in life and have always come out on top as husband and wife amid the challenges life throws at their relationship.

Roger Staubach’s Previous Relationships

Looking at Roger Staubach’s wife and his marriage, it is true that the two might have experienced all the intricacies of love during the years they spent together. This means the former professional player has not been in any romantic relationship before meeting his only love.

Marianne Staubach’s Biography

Even though the athlete is known all across American football and quite possibly the whole world, there is not much known about Roger Staubach’s Wife, Marianne. It is certain, however, that she spent a good chunk of her life supporting and managing the business side of things of the occupation of her husband.

Her other jobs have remained unknown and will do unless she states them to the general public.

Roger Staubach’s Kids

The couple is proud to be the mother of five beautiful children with their respective families. Jeffrey Roger, Michelle Elizabeth, Stephanie Marie, Amy Lynn, and Jennifer Anne are their names.

The details about their lives are pretty vague, but we are most definite that they are all enjoying their beautiful days together with their beloved families.

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