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Rockmond Dunbar is Married to Wife: Maya Gilbert.

Image of Rockmond Dunbar with his wife, Maya Gilbert

Named by TV Guide as the Television’s 50 Sexiest Stars of All Time, the American actor Rockmond Dunbar is not just any name in the acting industry. He is best known in the Showtime family drama Soul Food and for the NBC series Earth 2 in his role as Baines.

Rockmond is a big shot in TV series; other performances can be seen in the Fox crime drama Prison  Break as Benjamin Miles “C-Note Franklin” and in the FX drama series Sons of Anarchy, where he played Sheriff Eli Roosevelt. 

Aside from TV series, the actor also worked in the film industry, including his project Punks which made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000. He also made appearances in Sick Puppies, Dirty Laundry, Whodunit, Misery Loves Company, All About You, The Family That Preys, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

When he is not found in set or productions, Dunbar serves and is a member of the Church of Universal Wisdom. However, his lawyer called his religion fake and is insincere when it comes to the discussions of the Covid-19 Mandate, leading him to file a suitcase against Disney and Fox.

Who is Rockmond Dunbar’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Rockmond Dunbar has been Married to his Wife, Maya Gilbert, since 2013

Image of Rockmond Dunbar with his wife, Maya Gilbert
Rockmond Dunbar with his wife, Maya Gilbert

Rockmond Dunbar’s wife Maya Gilbert accepted Rockmond’s proposal and tied the knot with him on the 8th of June 2013 after dating for over a year. Recently, the pair celebrated their eight years of marriage, and their relationship has continued to sail smoothly ever since.

The two started their love story in 2012 when they first met each other. Not wanting anyone else, they decided to take their relationship to the church in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and it was celebrated together with their loved ones in a private but lavish ceremony. 

Rockmond Dunbar’s Past Relationships

Before meeting the love of his life, Dunbar had a marital relationship with  Ivy Holmes in 2003. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work shortly after, and they had to part ways. 

He was also known to have a relationship with Machiko Harris after his first marriage. They were together from 2006 to 2012, but sadly they were not meant for each other.

Also, the 49-year-old actor was said to have at least three relationships before settling down with his wife, Maya Dunbar. Any other information about his dating history is not disclosed to the public. 

Maya Gilbert’s Biography

Being in the same industry, Rockmond Dunbar got married to actress Maya Gilbert. She is known for her character Juliet on Banshee.

Another of Rockmond Dunbar’s wife’s famous shows is her role in Sex Chronicles and the 2005 Days of our Lives. Aside from this, the actress is keeping her personal life private.

Rockmond Dunbar’s Kids

Image of Rockmond Dunbar with his kids, Berkeley Seon, Czar Rockmond, Pharaoh Ra Osisris Ausir, and Sultan Mosiah Dao
Rockmond Dunbar with his kids, Berkeley Seon, Czar Rockmond, Pharaoh Ra Osisris Ausir, and Sultan Mosiah Dao


Living a happy and fulfilled life together, Rockmond Dunbar and his wife Maya had four children. In December 2013, Rockmond Dunbar’s wife gave birth to their first baby Berkeley Seon. Three years apart, Berkeley got a baby brother Czar Rockmond.

After raising their two kids, they were blessed in 2018 with two additional babies: Pharaoh Ra Osisris Ausir and their youngest Sultan Mosiah Dao. The Dunbar family’s whereabouts are kept confidential, but we all know the family is living a peaceful life together. 

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