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Is Robert Reich Married to Wife? Is he dating a girlfriend?

Image of Robert Reich

Considered one of the more veteran figures in the world of politics and governmental administration in the United States, Robert Reich is a well-known authority and person. He first came to the limelight when he was tasked to be the Secretary of Labor of former United States President Bill Clinton, which he served for five years, from 1993 until 1997.

His political stance mostly revolved around the central idea of the Democratic Party and has been vocal regarding the underlying issues in today’s society. People noticed his talent and utter knowledge of government when he left the governmental offices and started to speak and teach regarding office administration.

Aside from being the 22nd US Secretary of Labor, he is also an author, a lawyer, a political analyst & commentator, and most significantly, a professor of law and public administration. After he served the country for years before, academes and educational institutions have started inviting him so they could get his insight and opinions on specific controversial topics.

Today, he continues to educate people on the terms and conditions of running a government and what the masses should know about the government’s financial capability, among others. He has his own YouTube channel under his name, where he uploads videos of himself during interviews and on his own home telling people what they need to know about the current administration.

Who is the wife of former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich? Learn more about him by reading this article.

Is Robert Reich Married to a Wife?

At the beautiful age of 76, Robert Reich should supposedly be a married man, but unfortunately, the devastating separation from Robert Reich’s wife, Clare Delton, broke him. As mentioned, Robert Reich’s wife, or former wife, is no other than fellow law practitioner, professor, and legal scholar Clare Delton.

They were married to each other for almost four decades, or 39 years to be exact, before things started to dwindle, and the fire of love sadly died. He and Robert Reich’s wife have not disclosed the precise reasons why they decided to go their separate ways, but some have speculated that maybe ageing took a toll on their relationship.

Robert Reich’s Biography

Born to Jewish parents Edwin and Mildred Reich, he did not exactly have a very financially struggling childhood, given that his parents owned a women’s retail store when he was a child. However, because of his disease, known as Fairbank’s Disease, being an average and regular student was challenging since people would pick on his short stature.

Because of this, he started developing a sort of willpower and prowess to be an ally to those who are also experiencing the same thing that he did and fight the bullies of society. With the death of Michael Schwerner, one of the people that sided with him when he was growing up, his oath to serve and protect became his mantra until today.

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