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Robert Reffkin is Married to Wife: Benis Reffkin. Kids.

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Image of Robert and Benis Reffkin with their kids, Raia, River, and Ruby Reffkin

The business world is full of influential people who give opportunities to several people, and one of those people is Robert Reffkin. He has shown incredible marketing skills and was the co-founder of Compass, Inc., and works as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

According to sources, he is around the age of 41 to 42 and continues to build success to maintain the sustainable life he has given to his family. He had undergone many seminars about business and was included in the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship when he was a teenager.

Reffkin was a hardworking student and determined to finish his studies. He was given a chance to study at San Francisco University High School through a non-profit organization called A Better Chance.

He is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in our generation today but did he manage to build a life with a loving partner and children? Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Robert Reffkin’s wife, partner, marriage, and children.

Robert Reffkin is Married to Wife, Benis Reffkin since 2012

Image of Robert Reffkin with his wife, Benis Reffkin

Robert Reffkin with his wife, Benis Reffkin

Entrepreneurs are often seen as fine people who always wear expensive clothes and are magnets for clients. More often than not, they always like to engage with people who have a possibility of liking them not just in business but also personally.

Many people believe that Robert Reffkin’s wife was hooked on the famous businessman after seeing him in fancy clothes and excellent managing skills. There was no available information on how Robert Reffkin’s wife met the businessman, but they portray a good and healthy relationship in public.

Moreover, the most important thing for the couple’s relationship is that they understand each other in times of trouble and celebrate every victory they attain. According to sources, they have dated for a short time to get to know each other and ensure they are in the correct phase of life.

After being intimate for a few years, Robert Reffkin’s wife decided to exchange vows and rings with the entrepreneur. Some believe they held a private ceremony attended by close friends and family only.

However, this information was not yet confirmed by the couple, but they got married, which is the most highlighted part of their lives. Their marriage was filled with more happiness after being blessed with three children.

Benis Reffkin’s Biography

Being a wife of a CEO who handles a big company can be pretty exhausting, but not for Benis Reffkin. She is Robert Reffkin’s stunning wife and has been very supportive of his decisions ever since the company began running.

Benis was born in Puerto Rico on October 4, 1985, and is now 36. There is no doubt that she stays for Robert no matter what happens because the famous businessman never misses a chance to compliment his wife when there is a chance.

Her husband has described her as determined, intellectual, and wise. For a woman to be called these things is a significant boost to their personality because you know that her partner does not think that you are limited to household things.

Moreover, she has an excellent academic background as she graduated with a bachelor of arts degree and later had an MBA. Indeed, she is a fantastic woman who does not forget her responsibilities as a mother and wife.

Robert Reffkin’s Kids

Image of Robert and Benis Reffkin with their kids, Raia, River, and Ruby Reffkin

Robert and Benis Reffkin with their kids, Raia, River, and Ruby Reffkin

Despite being busy, the couple did not hesitate to introduce their children to people. Robert often posts his children on his Instagram account and does not miss an opportunity to appreciate them.

Robert Reffkin’s wife gave birth to three children, Raia Reffkin, River Reffkin, and Ruby Reffkin. According to Robert’s social media accounts, River was born in 2019 and Ruby in 2016.

However, the birthday or birth year of Raia was not revealed to the public. Our team will try to find more information and update this article once the couple has decided to share details about Raia.

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